What Kizz Daniel Hopes To Achieve With His Mummy and Daddy Party Anthems

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When Kizz Daniel declared himself as an artist with ‘no bad songs’ we all agreed to it, because he was indeed, saying a huge fact. 

While his talent has not faltered, or dwindled through the years, there is a severe need to question his intentions with how his music is currently transcending— evolving? Stagnant? Or deteriorating?

It was first with Buga, which we openly embraced— because, what manner of catchy song is that? Before moving into the likes of “Shuperu” and “Cough”, with his now recent hit song, “Twe Twe”

We’re glad Kizz Daniel’s now accepting his new found excellence at dropping bangers, not as an album pack, but as singles; but we’re also worried for what this represents for him, as an artist who’s been well in the game for over 6years.

Everyone has a thing or two to say, defending the artist, on the basis of their love for his recent singles— but then, a truth remains that indeed, everyone loves a ‘have a good time’ kind of song, a song endorsed by the typical African parents and enjoyed by all, irrespective of the age differences.

We understood Buga, but we’re not sure there’s a total understanding of ‘Twe Twe’— it’s as though Kizz Daniel who’s built for so much more potentials, is decidedly settling for songs as this, only because they are uplifters to the sale of his craft, which too is a valid point.

Do you recall the energy Kizz Daniel came to the Nigerian music industry with? How he swept virtually everyone off their feet with “Woju”, went as far as getting a remix from Davido and Tiwa Savage— and then, enjoying a bliss of classic hits, from “Laye”, to “Mama”, amongst many others. 

Kizz Daniel was likened to any typical Afro RnB artist of this current period, who conveyed groove alongside romance with his music. The artist’s music, came more as a multi-package.

So let’s discuss this artist, shall we? Understand his undying need to make music the way he now does, as opposed to evolving with his sound, as he should have rightfully done, from the jump of his music career. 

While this might be a very unconventional opinion, but this writer opines that it was from the instant of giving himself the acclaimed “no bad songs” tag, that Kizz Daniel faced a very wavy strength of his artistry. Don’t twist this thought for the conclusion that he isn’t good; while Kizz Daniel is a very impressive B-List artist, we still consider how tilted his music career has been since the tag. 

Perhaps, real ones know that from when he dropped his debut album, it became clear that this artist does well and better for himself, as a king of singles, and should stick to what works for him best. He belongs under the same category, as the likes of Tekno, who when you record their greatness, you think a long way of their single records, rather than their albums, or EPs (should that exist). 

At this point, one might conclude that there is every possibility of Kizz Daniel making music according to the reception of his audience to his previously released record. Let’s dissect this— the entire craze of dropping a classic ‘mummy and daddy’ anthem began with “Buga”, a song that was met with great enthusiasm by the Nigerian music audience, both old and young alike. This song was a worthy contender for a popular street anthem, despite not being a street pop song; and this has most likely inclined the artist to make music along the lines of this, because after all, this is what sells. 

This writer has but one rhetorical question lying deep in the mind— “what the bloody heck is Kizz Daniel doing?”, how does one tilt from making song with a considerable good amount of substance to making songs that are enjoyable, yet cringe and tiring. 

It just happens to be excruciatingly annoying how one can view such an artist with an impeccable talent, make mediocre of how creative and evolved he can be with his sound. 

Although, it’s not as though the artist has been particularly faced with the best of reception on his music, outside singles. After the release of his debut album, which fell short of utter captivation, it might be glaring that Kizz Daniel missed the handbook on scintillating his audience with his following albums. So yes, it’s fair he makes music based on the reaction from his music audience, one would understand. 

“Shuperu”, “Twe Twe”, “Cough”, “Buga”, in no particular order, are recent songs of Kizz Daniel, that bear the same sound pattern and contain an anthem streak in it. We hope somewhere in the mind of music lovers, that they recall that there’s a part of Kizz Daniel who once made music, epic music, such as his records “Boys Are Bad”, “Jaho”, “Sofa”, “Oshe”. 

We’re not sure what Kizz Daniel is onto, what he intends doing with his sound, or how he intends going about it— we’re only certain there’s a form of decline in his evolvement, and a need to ‘please’ the audience, which though good, can be detrimental to yielding to the growth of his music. 

It’s very glaring his intentions with his recent music, and though there’s a sort of fine balance between how Kizz Daniel would normally make music and how he currently is making music, somewhere in between, there’s a lost line of what the artist sounds when he’s in his element. Hopefully he gets that back, and give us good music, rightfully ascertaining his talents. 

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