Chocolate City Releases Explosive Cypher Commemorating 50 Years of Hip-Hop

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Chocolate City, a trailblazing force in the music industry, is poised to make history with a monumental Cypher commemorating 50 years of hip-hop. Set to be an electrifying celebration, the Cypher will feature a curated roster of rap artists, showcasing unparalleled talent while paying homage to the essence of hip-hop.

As a pioneering force in Nigerian hip-hop culture, Chocolate City has played a critical role in shaping the genre and bringing it to mainstream prominence.

The Chocolate City Cypher is a landmark collaboration, symbolizing the fusion of the past, present and future of Nigerian hip-hop.

From MI Abaga’s Crowd Mentality to Crown by Loose Kaynon and AQ, down to Blaqbonez’s Emeka Must Shine, Chocolate City has been instrumental in creating industry-defining moments in hip-hop, consistently delivering groundbreaking music that has shaped the genre’s direction.

Throughout its 20-year history, Chocolate City has remained true to the spirit of hip-hop, focusing on authentic storytelling, lyrical prowess, and community engagement, which are the genre’s core values.

With over 25 Hip-Hop album releases under our belt the Cypher serves as a ode to hip-hop’s global heritage, acknowledging its roots and expansive journey over the past 50 years.

Chocolate City has consistently discovered and nurtured hip-hop talent, shaping the careers of influential Nigerian artists.

The Cypher transcends music, offering insightful societal narratives and commentary through the powerful voices of some of the biggest hip-hop icons on the African continent. 

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