Gratitude And Collaboration: Terry The Voice Opens Up About His Latest Single ‘Alhamdulillah’

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When TerryTheVoice started working on ‘Alhamdulillah’, he had no idea that the record would get a Zlatan verse, he shared the recording with a friend and now the rest is history.

Terry The voice started his career as a radio personality at GO Uni Radio FM. His unique bass voice made him a standout, he soon grew into a voiceover sensation with clienteles ranging from Big Brother Naija to Pay porte and the Headies 2018.

Growing up in Enugu, Terry The Voice was surrounded by music. He grew up on the same street, where William Onyeabor  AKA ‘Fantastic Man’ lived. His Grandma was a lead dancer in a dance group.

He grew up in a catholic home, his mum was a choir mistress, She wanted Terry and his siblings to be participate in religious church activities, Terry opted for the church choir,

The music interest would expand to him playing around with downloaded beats or beats made by friends make and he will try coming up with tunes to complement them.

He released his debut single ‘Price on My Head’ in 2019. The song captures the reality of many young Nigerians who are subjected to extortions, unwarranted checks, beatings, searches, arrests and detentions without warrant or trials.

By 2021, he released his debut EP titled ‘The Voice’.

Fast forward to 2024, Terry just released his first single of the year titled ‘Alhamdulillah’, a journey from humble beginnings to reaching stardom, and gratitude to God.

We caught up with Terry and he shared an insight to the record. Read below

1. What inspired you to write this song?

The inspiration behind ‘Alhamdulillah’ lies in the unwavering faithfulness of God, a steadfast presence in my life amidst trials. Even in the darkest moments, His consistency became the inspiration for this song. Zlatan, my brother, resonated with the shared experience, making our collaboration deeply meaningful!

2. Can you describe the writing process for this song?

The writing process began with my producer sending me beats, aligning with the vibe I had already envisioned. I crafted the hook first, because I always start with the hook when writing, then recorded it in the studio. Once I had the hook, I structured the song around it, either starting with the hook or leading up to it. I shared the recording with a friend, who, on a three-way call with Zlatan, found it compelling. Zlatan requested an open verse, which I promptly sent, and he returned with his verse after a few days.

3. Can you walk me through the creative process for this song, from the original idea to the final product?

Certainly… like I said, my producer Jesse wanted me to check out a beat he was working on and it just stuck. I crafted the hook first, recording it and shaping the song’s structure around it. After sharing the recording with friends, Zlatan expressed interest in adding his verse. He seamlessly contributed, transforming the track into a collaborative celebration of gratitude and faithfulness. When I got his verse back, I recorded a second verse and added Jesse my producer suggested we add a female backup artist to harmonize, and the final product became even more melodic. I almost cried when i heard the final mix! It was indeed the perfect blend.

4. How does this song relate to your personal experiences or beliefs?

Reflecting on my personal experiences, I’ve witnessed God’s constant presence. Despite facing situations that could have led to a different outcome, divine intervention has been the guiding force, shaping my path to where I am today. It’s a testament to God’s hand in every step of the journey.

5. How did you feel while working on this song?

Working on this track filled me with enthusiasm from the start. I envisioned the entire journey, from beats to hook to the harmony. As we wrapped up the final track, the feeling was akin to hitting the jackpot. It exceeded my expectations, turning into something even better than I imagined. It’s an amazing and fulfilling experience.

6. Was there a specific moment during the writing or recording process that stood out to you as particularly memorable or significant?

Absolutely, a standout moment during the process was when Zlatan, after hearing the track, expressed interest in adding his verse. That unexpected turn added a significant layer to the song, turning a good track into a collaborative masterpiece. It was a memorable and impactful moment!

7. Is there a particular line or verse in this song that holds special meaning for you?

“Bank account wey money no dey, wetin you do with OTP? LMAOOO! That throw me off when Zanku sent in this verse.

8. How did you choose the instrumentation and arrangement for this song?

The choice of instrumentation was intentional, featuring the saxophone and drums in a unique Afrobeat style. The arrangement process followed the natural flow, starting with a bridge leading up to the hook. It’s all about aligning the arrangements with the organic flow of the beat.

9. Was there any specific message or theme you were trying to convey through the music or visual representation of the song?

The core message revolves around expressing gratitude to God, depicting a journey from humble beginnings to stardom.

10. Can you tell me about any particular challenges you faced while creating this song and how you overcame them?

I had written two verses. Was a-bit tough trying to decide which to finally use haha but we figured it out thanks to my team.

11. What do you hope listeners take away from this song?

SIRACH 11:21 “Don’t be amazed at the works of sinners, but trust in the Lord and continue your work, because it is easy in God’s sight to make the poor person quickly and suddenly rich.”

12. Are there any other creative influences or inspirations that you drew upon when creating this song?

Yes, the creative influences for Alhamdulilah included personal experiences, reflections, and the desire to convey gratitude, with an added touch from Zlatan’s collaborative input.

Listen to Alhamdulillah here.

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