Fitzy West Releases Two New Singles “Suffer” & “Forward”

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Fitzy West, born Daniel Joseph Kemeagbeye, is an Afro-swing singer, songwriter, and performer who surprises his fans with his versatility in different genres. He calls himself Outstanding, but his industry peers know him as Mazi, a nickname that reflects his charisma and talent.

His latest releases are two singles: “Suffer” and “Forward”. “Suffer” depicts the daily struggles and aspirations of the average Nigerian, while “Forward” expresses the longing for connection and intimacy.

Fitzy shares the inspiration behind the songs: “Suffer and Forward are a reflection of the universal journey we all undertake, navigating through the trials of life, love, relationships, commitments, communication, and emotions. We embrace our struggles and use them as fuel to propel us forward.”

The songs were produced by acclaimed producer and mix engineer Donkayyz (Nigeria) and mastered by Boring Vic (France).

“Suffer” and “Forward” offer a sense of familiarity and comfort, the kind that tells you that you are not alone. So press play and find solace in Fitzy West’s music.

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