Infectious Melodies and Rhythmic Vocals Infused in Young Jonn’s New Single “Big Big Things”

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You don’t need logic to explain the art of Young Jonn’s music— while he essentially captures his soul into his music, since his tilt from being a producer, the artist has dedicated the bulk of his time as a singer into making infectious tunes. 

Who knew years before when Young Jonn was only noticed with his signature producer’s tag “it’s Young Jonn the wicked producer” that he would become an artist who created such impeccable music pieces which everyone would find so enjoyable? 

Let’s get this very clear — Young Jonn’s music since it’s inception has always been about ease, he doesn’t have to sing too much logicality into his music, it’s mostly about love, life itself or gratitude. What you will not do thus, is to hate the creativity of Young Jonn, unless you’re dedicated to having a miserable time at a social event. 

First, when Young Jonn established himself as a singer, everyone thought that perhaps, he wasn’t built to be a singer who could stand alone for as long as he has been able to, with features or without it. Having dropped masterpieces such as ‘Dada’, ‘Normally’, ‘Xtra Cool’ and others, the artist has proved his dedication that he can be as much as good as a producer as he can be, a singer. When you speak of grace, you should consider including Young Jonn into the list.

In the same way as Young Jonn closed the end of 2023 with his two-pack songs, ‘Go Hard’ and ‘Disconnect’, the artist/producer has as well decided to open his music year in February with ‘Big Big Things’. 

It’s like a switch the singer decides to turn off and on, deciding at will to feature or not, as with his 2024 debut single, he featured Kizz Daniel and Seyi Vibez on the South African amapiano-infused track. 

This music thing is a walk-in-the-pack for Young Jonn, with his infectious rhythms, melodious sound and peculiar vocals, he mixes the juices from Kizz Daniel and Seyi Vibez’s energy into the track, ‘Big Big Things’.

It’s very easy to fall for Young Jonn’s music, is a trick he has effortlessly hacked and has employed thus far into his craft. Employing the street slang, loving Young Jonn’s music on first listen is as good as summarizing it as “you no go fold ke?” 

It’s very easy to capture the point of ‘Big Big Things’, where Young Jonn dominates in the track ahead of the featured artist and reiterating his interest for alleged things— big money, big blessings, big gratitude, big women? Who knows— what matters is he is an admirer of “big big things” 

Young Jonn took the phrase “no gree for anybody” serious, where he bursts into the song with a captivating intro, quick to disperse infectious melodies, amidst the raving log drums booming at the background. If one were to rank the performances of the artists in this track, it would be in the same order of their performance on the song. (Don’t bother arguing

Yet with all these, we understand Young Jonn’s game and know where he’s headed to, amidst the sonic music he has been dropping of late— as though he is gearing himself and his audience for a debut album. It’s this writer’s intuition but it’s still a fact that with every of his songs and EP projects, he’s sure to drop a likeable album and cement even further his reputation as a music creative doubling as a producer and singer. 

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