Four Takeaways From Zlatan’s “Omo Ologo” EP

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Nigerian street pop sensation, Zlatan, is back with a bang as he drops his latest EP, “Omo Ologo”. Known for his uncanny ability to tap into mainstream culture, Zlatan’s striking lyrics and hit-making prowess are on full display in this project, showcasing his talent for catering to both the streets and the mainstream.

 Zlatan burst onto the scene with his explosive energy and infectious ad-libs that have become part and parcel of his signature style. From “Kapaichumarichupaco” to “Astalavi, give dem!” and “Ayiiii”, Zlatan has mastered the art of adding a distinctive touch that complements his dynamic rap delivery.

 Zlatan’s versatility as an artist shine through as he cements his place in the music industry not only as a street-hop master but also as a fantastic collaborator, known for shining the spotlight on rising talents through his guest runs.

 His commitment to his craft is a testament to his unwavering dedication to every detail of his career, from his music style to his fashion sense and appearance. Many have noted his stunning looks and unique style with admiration.

 Zlatan understands the importance of creating brand appeal and maintaining brand alignment consistently. By paying attention to every aspect of his public persona, he has secured his position as one of the most respected artists in the industry.

It came as no surprise when Jade Osiberu enlisted Zlatan to play the role of Kash, a street gang member, in the movie “Gangs of Lagos.” Despite having limited screen time, Zlatan showcased his impressive acting skills, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

With the release of his highly anticipated 3rd project, “Omo Ologo EP“. Zlatan further reinforces his position as a dominant force to reckon with in the Nigerian music industry.

This EP is a testament to his exceptional artistry and ability to create impressive music across various genres. Here are four takeaways from the EP.


The EP’s title track and opener, “Omo Ologo,” which translates to “Glorious Child” in Yoruba, takes a more solemn approach. Zlatan documents his journey, filled with a beautiful array of emotions, gratitude, and reflection.
His words and vocals are filled with raw feelings and are only amplified by the choir.

The production is both heavy and minimalistic, providing excellent support to Zlatan’s bare-all approach. It’s a track that truly showcases his vulnerability as an artist.


Zlatan undoubtedly evolved as an artist over the years, He got his big break from a collaboration, which propelled him to stardom. Since then, he has gone on to shine the light on budding talents and collaborated with his peers.

One of the significant takeaways from “Omo Ologo” is the power of collaboration. Zlatan’s exuberant lyrics and excellent ability to craft hits is complimented by the complimentary pop hook from Young Jonn, matching energy from Seyi Vibez to the ushering of the new school leader Odumodu Blvck & Jeriq.

This gives the EP a sense of community as everyone shines and fits right into it.


In the rap industry, artists typically start by releasing raw, unpolished records on the streets. These records are less frequent but more authentic than their studio-produced records, EPs and albums, which tend to adopt a more commercial and radio-friendly sound.

However, when artists solely focus on studio albums and stop creating mixtapes, they risk losing the audience that helped them rise to fame in the first place. On the other hand, only sticking with mixtapes could hinder an artist’s growth and limit their chances of breaking into the mainstream.

Zlatan has managed to strike the perfect balance between both worlds. He’s committed to interpreting street and mainstream audience slang in his music. For example, “LTBL” with Seyi Vibez is targeted to the streets while “Omo Ologo” allows him to appeal directly to the mainstream audience.

Overall, Zlatan’s EP proves that he’s capable of delivering the best of both worlds without sacrificing his authenticity.


Zlatan’s lengthy stint in the music industry is a testament to his incredible ability to grow and evolve. His latest EP reflects the perspective of a veteran OG who understands the need to appeal to both newer and older audiences.

Tracks like “Astalavista,” “Rara,” and “LTBL” satisfy this generation’s admiration for catchy street pop slang while simultaneously igniting significant nostalgia for Zlatan’s earlier works.
Moreover, his collaborations with Odudumodu Blvck and Jeriq are modern and fresh, holding the attention of the younger generation.

It’s clear from the EP that Zlatan isn’t afraid to take risks and experiment with different sounds while remaining true to his distinctive style.

This evolution speaks volumes about his remarkable talent and ability to adapt to an ever-changing music industry.

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