Toby Grey & Wurld Release Soulful Remix “Honey & Spice”

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Birmingham-based Nigerian artist, Toby Grey, teams up with Pop star Wurld for a steamy remix of her hit track “Honey & Spice,” The song, gets a fresh spin with Wurld’s sultry vocals adding a new layer to Grey’s message of embracing bold love.

In a world where love and desire are sometimes kept under wraps, Toby Grey defies norms with this remix as she combines the warmth of honey with the spiciness of fire.

“This song is special to me because it’s so honest,” says Toby Grey. “Wurld brought a whole new energy to the track, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

In her own words, expressing the sentiment about “Honey & Spice,” saying, “This song is special to me because, like most of my love songs, it came straight from the heart. I hope it inspires people to cherish a love that’s as sweet as honey and as fiery as spice!”

Toby Grey and Wurld’s “Honey & Spice” is a call to let love and desire flow freely.

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