Unshackling Love Through Music – Blaqbonez’s New Single, ‘Breaking The Yoke Of Love’

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It’s improbable to think that the topic of Blaqbonez’s originality and musical prowess in the rap game has been discussed to exhaustion. We should never stop being in awe of his compositional abilities and ingenuity, which strangely, we will never be able to forecast. It is never enough to occupy the position of knowing that he is clear off his peers.

We all seem to enjoy a piece of Blaqbonez’s music and embrace the synths that flow through his amazing rap flows, regardless of how our life precepts might conflict with his stance on love. This is because Blaqbonez has crafted himself to be that artist who has constrained his entire persona and craft to a single theme. He doesn’t just embrace the toxicity of emotions; he also sells his music through it. Blaqbonez is a passionate example of a musician who doesn’t allow the rules define his musicality; instead, he uses his music to define the rules, and that is perfectly acceptable.

Breaking the Yoke of Love, his recently released new single, and his sophomore album, Young Preacher, released last year, have demonstrated to us that he doesn’t just sing in accordance with the pattern that his music follows; rather, his music is shaped by the realities of his life. It isn’t him being a toxic king; rather, it is his belief, his principle, and his life—which he introspectively narrates through his bars.

The contrary intention of Blaqbonez’s music may be against your principles, yet you’ll still find yourself engulfed in the celestial rhythm and occasionally susceptible to the movement of the song’s opening – if anything, Blaqbonez carefully selects his music to make you feel that way. Breaking The Yoke Of Love is the song that eloquently illustrates how he meticulously packages his music in such a way that, while you are aware of what he intends to sell with his music, you obviously have no idea what is coming your way.

The inclusion of the love crooner Chike on this song, Breaking The Yoke Of Love is ironic , despite his reputation for believing in the existence of love. His vocals are really alluring when he declares that “love is wicked“— sensuous yet stretched out of a place of love, and perhaps this is the irony Blaqbonez is trying to draw out through his choice of featured artist.

We might see Blaqbonez as a public figure who serves as an example to the players in the Nigerian economy, a humorous speaker who zealously promotes the idea that there is no such thing as a monogamous relationship and that it is acceptable to be attracted to multiple people. In his most recent release, he pushes the idea to an extreme by declaring that there is no such thing as a soul mate. He asserts that “there ain’t no soulmate / there ain’t no one person out there for you,” challenging the idea that we only have one person in the entire world.

The orchestral energy raised by Chike and Raybekah is such an uplifting move made by the artist, as though he were a preacher preparing to preach right after a performance from the soulful choir. Blaqbonez is, after all, a preacher; one who is opposed to the ethics of love.

Breaking The Yoke Of Love is perfectly timed with his upcoming concert on February 10th, themed “Breaking The Yoke Of Love 2.” After the success of his concert last year hosted in February, with the contradiction of his concert’s theme as opposed to the theme of February, the artist is set to do the same this year, and this time, with a song for the cause, he may be more than ready to “break the yoke of love.”

It is safe to say that Blaqbonez is to people who aren’t thrilled by the idea of love or commitment what Ric Hassani and Johnny Drille are to those who are, and that’s okay—he is an equally fine model to those and so far, has been doing an excellent job at that.

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