Tonero’s Newest Single, Enemy, is Fear-Fueled and Passionate

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Tonero is a Nigerian artist that creates smooth R&B music that is both passionate and nostalgic. His music can be classified as anything other than pure Afropop. The artist continues to pour his entire heart into his songs, incorporating it into smooth rhythms and melodies that he uses to tell stories with the help of his lofty creative abilities.

The Nigerian-born, Irish-based artist recently released his new single, Enemy, which he uses to usher in the year 2023. On this track, he adopts the Western swing of music creation and projects his worst fears through the song’s lyrics and overall aura.

If much thought is put into it, the artist might be regarded through his most recent release as the African equivalent of Bryson Tiller, a Western composer whose music is deeply rooted in R&B. This acclaim is brought on by the amenable vocals echoing through the track’s beat and the modifying echoes beneath Tonero’s own true tone. It is reasonable to believe that perhaps a stem was ultimately taken from the enormous tree of Bryson’s musical forestry.

When combined with Tonero’s smooth sing-song rap style, the guitar riffs on Enemy are the quintessential description of soulful R&B music. He makes no attempt to juxtapose his rhymes with a blend of English and pidgin. One may believe this artist was a contemporary Western artist if they were unaware of his true identity.

I’m leaving behind all the bad energy/no more space in my soul for you and me,” he says in an effort to come to terms with a lost bond and as a sign of giving up on flames that need no reigniting. In Enemy, he unwraps himself and faces squarely, his greatest fears, letting go of self-denial and doing what needs to be done to lead him to a path of self-discovery.

Tonero sings of his yearning to be free and his desire for the world to see what is unique about him as he makes an effort to face his demons. Through the tempo of the song, the subtle melodies, and the carefully chosen instruments that show a contemplating mind yet, one that is emotive, he pushes this entire viewpoint.

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