An Interview with Adam Srae

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Adam Srae, a 24-year-old singer and songwriter from Edo state, Nigeria is ready to announce his emergence on the scape of the Nigerian music industry. Coming off the back of a 100-day-self-organized songwriting challenge, he is part of the eight emerging stars on the MBA For Africa Talent Project which is set to be released in December, 2022. 

Speaking with District234, Adam describes himself as a budding songbird with the desire to create soulful music which is influenced by the music legends like Westlife and Bruno Mars, which he listened to while growing up. Srae’s music has a way of connecting with people on a personal level, and the melodies are as warm and entertaining as his simple yet creative music-making process.

It is from this warm musical approach that his brand element, the sunflower, emerged. “A lot of people have told me that my sound is very relaxing and warm on the ear like an audio sunflower. I researched on what the sunflower represents and it resonates with me and my sound. After that, I just stuck with it.”

For Srae, his people and community have a lot of influence on his life’s story. The experience of growing up in Benin City, Edo State, is one that he wouldn’t trade for anything. During our conversation, he reminisces about his times in Benin City, including playing football and cosplaying as Santa Claus to everyone else at the expense of his academic book materials.

Making it the top 8 for the MBA Talent Project was a dream come true for young star as he confidently banked on his growing fanbase to help him get the qualifying votes, having won some new fans along the way during his 100-day songwriting challenge which was inspired by his urge to tackle laziness and procrastination and to demonstrate his talents.

As we continue, he shares that the MBA Talent Project has been quite the artistic journey. 

“It’s been eye opening. I’m learning new things about music that I probably did not know before, even about my own music, how to make my delivery better, working on the spot, things like that. I’m also learning things about myself personally, improving on my relations with people and learning to work with the team. I’ve always been somebody doing a lot of the things; a lot of the things I do with my music by myself. But now I get to work with a group of really talented people who just want to see that my music and the team succeeds generally. And this is something that I am very excited about” 

He is excited to work with a team that can advance his music career and broaden his listenership down the road by participating in the MBA Talent Program. On a closing remark, he adds that “very beautiful music” is coming.

Check out his music below

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