More Love, Less Ego—Wizkid’s Fifth Studio Release, Vocal Dexterity, Love Showcase and Merchant of Melodies

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Wizkid’s new mantra is to make music that flows naturally and has easy melodies. Since releasing Sounds From The Other Side, the artist has been introducing us to his tasty rhymes. He has since developed his calm musical aura, and Made In Lagos was the final release that finally allowed us music fans to hear this evolution. The musician just released More Love, Less Ego, a collection of 13 songs that swirls in a sea of serenity and seductive bars.

Each feature, which is a masterwork production with the ability to amp up the featured artist’s sound and emphasize the album’s subject, was carefully chosen from among the featured musicians.

More Love Less Ego, Wizkid’s fifth studio album, is replete with instrumentals, especially percussion and saxophones, which are one of Wizkid’s trademark instruments. The album is a showcase of his vocal skill, as he uses it to reach yet another wavelength, his love for entrancing melodies, and his vulnerability when it comes to love. The production features pop, fusion, and Caribbean elements.

The ferocity of the solos on his fifth album are brain-bursting, velvety, and silky, and it is indisputable to note that Wizkid responded to critics who downplayed the solos on his last album, Made in Lagos.

Money & Love has a plodding beginning that sets the tone for an upbeat mood. With his cool, collected demeanor, Wizkid lusts in the song. The song’s saxophone gets twangier but still distinct as it goes along. On a related point, the author believes the album’s beginning should have been more intense and jarring in order to provide a strong opening for the album.

Wizkid’s Balance floats by with simple log drums. The song has a funk feel to it and features lovely Afrobeats percussion. He also uses a beautifully played saxophone. We should know by now that Wizkid is all about powerful instrumentals, top-notch production, and a sea wave of calming melodies. 

Serving as the lead-in to the release of More Love, Less EgoBad to Me, the song showcases the evolution of Wizkid’s music. We are reminded of Wizkid’s 2011, 2017, and 2020 eras as they are all accompanied by seductive instrumentals and hefty, fine-log drum beats.

We eagerly anticipated hearing Ayra Star on this record, and 2 Sugar delivers on our expectations thanks to the scorching chemistry between the two performers. By now, it should be clear that Wizkid enjoys playing with log drums, and the fact that he incorporates them into nearly every one of the tracks on More Love, Less Ego, makes him the undisputed king of originality and inventiveness.

With a clear and straightforward production, Wizkid revels in his own struggles, the difficulties of his artistic journey, and his need for a woman to calm him down in Everyday

Wizkid, who boasts about his sexual prowess, comes on after Skillibeng, who gives Slip N Slide a Caribbean vibe with his baritone voice. The sensuality of Shensea’s vocals who is also featured on the song, along with those of Skillibeng and Wizkid, adds the overall intentionality that the track calls for. 

Flower Pad is a sensual song that showcases Wizkid’s skill with his lyrics and tenderness in his bars to evoke emotions and feelings. It appears to us that he is trying to appeal to a completely different demographic. He talks about how he would make his girlfriend feel in the song as well as how in love he is with her physique. With the Spanish atmosphere the song exudes, it intensifies the sexual nature of the track further, and if a remix were to be made, Bad Bunny would slay a verse.

It’s incredible how well-balanced Naira Marley and Skepta’s collaboration can be. Naira Marley’s inclusion in Wow is exceptional and a great way to incorporate the vocals of the other singers, even though Wizkid x Skepta continue to be one of the most unbeatable duos. Wow is a song for the ladies with a catchy hook delivered by Naira Marley and Skepta spitting sizzling verses. The fact that Naira Marley brought his A-game to this song is clear, and we must commend the artist for giving the song the necessary spice.

The seamless synchronisation of PPrime, and Wizkid in Pressure is astounding, similar to their one-off mayhem done in Made in Lagos Deluxe. Pressure is a love song with lyrics about how the artist would love a woman if he wanted to. It features fine, mellow log drums and Wizkid’s gliding melodies. 

Plenty Loving is yet another example of Wizkid’s skill of rhymes and melodies, with the beautiful guitar rifts and background flutes playing, Wizkid gradually grooves through at the start of the song and goes hard by the second verse. Instead of adhering to the conventional theme of singing about love in morbid beats, he opts to sing about love in the best cruise level. This makes it possible for you to listen to a track about love while still wanting to move your body to the mid-tempo beat.

With the use of a natural percussion instrument, Special has the Juls effect. Don Toliver’s undulating vocals on the beat create a melodious atmosphere that prepares you for Wizkid’s soothing stanza. If we’re talking about who bodied whom, Don Toliver’s verse is more bodying than Big Wiz’s. 

Wizkid uses Frames to beg a woman not to wrong him despite the album’s over 12 tracks discussing love, sensuality, and carnal thoughts. No track could have been a better way to close the record than this one, which uses a constant saxophone exhibition. At one moment, Wizkid switches from begging a woman not to do him “wayo” to talking about a woman’s rump before reverting back.

The album More Love, Less Ego is an example of flawless production, virtually flawless song arrangement, and deliberate features. Unlike Made In Lagos, the album is love-at-first-listen. Wizkid has long since moved past his need for hits and has instead committed himself to investing in music that has a high replay value. This will be his third album, demonstrating that he is one of the top performers in the African music industry and that he has nothing to prove. He is all about great music, classic songs, and seductive lyrics that linger in your mind.

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