There’s a Fault in Zinoleesky’s New EP; “Grit & Lust”

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Grit & Lust by Zinoleesky has a fault, and that fault is that the EP is packed succinctly and briefly while being nearly perfect.

One of the numerous musicians who embodies the direction of street-pop is Zinoleesky. He has released fascinating songs over the years that draws on his Yoruba roots to speak about his life, his way of life, and instinctive views on where he’s headed.

The artist also crafts music that instigates love, companionship, and great romance while sustaining the street-pop intensity and remaining true to the mission.

Zinoleesky’s endeavors, music, and everything else revolve on his backstory and aspirations; he has mastered the art of making music that appeals to listeners’ sense of thrill while also speaking on real-world challenges, hopes and dreams.

The artist, who just released his EP Grit & Lust, incorporates what his music encompasses into the eight-track production by experimenting with sounds and creating tracks that don’t fit into the mold that we assume he is in. He continues to explore, maintaining his stamina and leaving his streak on every track with a fine mark on each.

What his EP lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality— it is a testament to the idea of quality over quantity, making sure that every song is enjoyable to listen to and making you want to play it again, giving the EP a high level of replay value.

In his capacity as a street-inspired musician, Zinoleesky offers the hustle hymn Personal to all potential hustlers while also using his lyrical flair to convey a message about his lofty goals. His svelte voice pierces the beat, and the bass-influenced track is a delightful way to open Grit & Lust.

Despite having a slight grit to it, Zinoleesky’s voice is nonetheless ethereal. He’ll always move effortlessly like the waters and hover over the rhythm of a song. He uses Yoruba and pidgin to paint a vivid picture in Odinakaby using his ability to convey a scenario through words.

What is a perfect Zinoleesky song without any amapiano elements? The artist delivers flawlessly on amapiano tracks and is fantastic even without it, thus you can interpret this as either a favourable or negative statement. 

On Yan Yan Yan, he doesn’t relish amapiano; instead, he uses only stomping horns and log drums to enhance the ambience of the song. In this track, he simply does a self-appraisal that, at times, feels disjointed while listening to it but still maintains a rhythmic wave.

Run It Up, which was produced by Young John but still steps on the line of log drums, is the artist’s portrayal of the changing landscape of life and adds a touch of heartbreak to the song. Through his profound usage of Yoruba, he again touches the street corners as he wonders why some things in life are shaped the way they are.

On the song Many Roads, in which he collaborates with Ayra Starr, he fully embraces the vibe this time. This fascinating fusion of outward serenity and intense street energy physically contrasts Ayra’s verse with his scorching verse. He uses this song’s lingering beats to portray enormous joy and disillusionment in a way that is quite out of character for street-pop.

It never occurred to us that we would need to hear Omah Lay and Zinoleesky’s vocals in tandem. Last Time sounds wonderful because of how their melodies and vocals are in synchronicity. This song’s backdrop was designed to complement Omah Lay’s aura and showcase Zino’s exploratory style.

The artist’s jagged wordplay and his sinuous vocals are interspersed throughout Call of Duty, a passionate song. He meanders on the heavy beat and creates a flawless midtempo club smash song (it should stand as a club jam).

Rocking is a faultless amapiano jam that makes you think about Zinoleesky’s prowess in this field. When it comes to this, he not only delivers but also goes above and beyond your expectations of him. As an earlier released single, Rocking, did a great number and served as a party rocker for the entire country music scene.

Grit & Lust by Zinoleesky has a fault once more, and this time it’s the EP’s unsatisfying delivery of enough songs to keep one hooked on his lovely melodies. All things considered, Zinoleesky is a musician with the capacity to grow above his current position and the distinctiveness necessary for an artist to succeed in the street-pop scene.

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