Unveiling Runtown’s Masterful New Album ‘Signs’; A Look Into the Soundgod’s Mind

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Runtown was speaking the truth when he identified himself as Soundgod. The artist has honed his sound to be esoteric and a central figure in today’s music landscape, in addition to being unique, distinct, and one-of-a-kind.

He debuted in the Nigerian music scene with Gallardo, a Davido song, and has since delivered some excellent work. Songs of the year like Mad Over You are indications of his ability to create songs that are addicting, catchy, and revolutionary while still adhering to a well-known genre.

This artist’s ability to keep his sound current is one of his best qualities; with every listen, you’re astounded by the sheer demonstration of his brilliance in creating something fresh and original out of something old.

After 2021’s Soundgod Fest Reloaded, the musician just released his album Signs, in which he takes a fresh approach to exploring a variety of musical styles, including R&B, blues, reggae, and the well-liked Afropop. He makes sure that every detail is covered, and the songs are packed with messages about love, personal development, and faith. His songs represent an evolution of who he has become over the course of a year, responses to his silence inadvertently expressed, and realisation of his intricate music with profound intentions.

The first track on the album, Signs, transports you back to a typical tropical atmosphere with its mellow, smooth reggae playing. The soft keys and the strings work together to provide the ideal aesthetics for the tune. It demonstrates his producing and composing talent’s ability set. The song is filled with him channelling his mystical presence and acting all “God MC” on it as he begs for a “sign.” You may hear the impact of Damian Marley’s song on Signs while listening to this music, and you’re largely split between them.

Sinnerman is a rendition of the song with obvious guitar riffs and baselines, and it can be compared to Nina Simone’s song of the same name. Sinnerman has much more reflection and tapping with a combined modern sound and one from the 2000s. He discusses how harshly society today judges people in this passage. Runtown conveys the message to stay loyal to oneself and take joy in it through the instrumentals and his swaying rhythm.

The release of Signs was preceded by the release of Things I Know. The song leans more heavily toward the pop genre, with the use of log drums stripping it of its banal vibe and working its charm. Runtown is known for his silky flow on the beats and the majestic way he plays through with his lines, showcasing his mastery of composition.

On High Spirit, the artist flies by with a spiritual vigour. Runtown cites how amazing he is while not being seen, as has been done most frequently during this time period in songs that address people’s perceptions of their lifestyle and how they interact in public. ‘Even on the low’, he claims, “man dey for great spirit.

O Fe Pa Mi showcases Runtown’s afropop sound innovation at its best. The song, which in Yoruba tradition stands for “don’t kill me,” is that one club cruise through music, outside feelings, and environment. He uses drums in this song, and his melodies are catchy. He features Jamopyper, whose vocals contribute to the album’s much-needed relaxation considering its heavy preachy content in a positive way.

The king of romance, who infuses his songs with enticing melodies and afropop, showcases his iconic exhibition of love and romance in All About You. The song’s beat is not only catchy but also lingering as it makes its initial impression in your mind. It talks about a man who is hopelessly in love with a woman and is unsure how to approach courting her.

It’s not just in his mannerisms and smooth gliding over the beats; it’s also in his in-depth discussions and message in his songs. As seen in Fences, there are a few things to pick, a peek into his past and how you can determine his mental state when composing the music.

Dangerous Hearts featuring Mr. Hudson is comparable to Sade’s Sweetest Taboo; in fact, it sounds like a sample of the legendary song. The song is a lovely mashup of 80s music with Afropop, if that’s even possible. Typically, you’d want to listen to this kind of music on a calm, breezy Saturday or Sunday when you have little to worry about and are just minding your own business while listening to the cool Afro-80s music.

Under Pressure is that music that makes you fall in love both in actual sense and in listening to it— having the same effect as Mad Over You. It’s a typical distinct cut from his regular love songs because of a western pop feel on it; he glides with his vocals rasping about love and the sensual feel of the song particularly as he sings in Yoruba is great.

Runtown is the genuine SoundGod he claims to be, as evidenced by the velocity with which the lyrics are delivered and how in sync the beat is in Kini Issue. The trumpet sound and drum beats are indications of the producer and artist’s superb production and musical mastery.

The Propaganda track’s theme is consistent with the definition of the word “propaganda.” Once again, the artist discusses how much he keeps it true to himself and doesn’t play any games by using crowd vocals and adopting Yoruba lingo. Ignoring the fact that Runtown never released this as the lead-in to Signs, as he promised earlier this year, the song is pure Afropop and a perfect 10.

Runtown’s song Hella Sacrifice uses the Jamaican “ragamuffin” vernacular and musical style to reflect on his history and the numerous sacrifices he had to make to reach his current status. Best described as a synopsis of his life’s journey, the song.

Mic Check, the album’s final tune, may be considered the artist’s way of concluding an album that had begun with a suspenseful message by employing a track that is pure cruise through, talks about a woman, and has a relaxing vibe. 

Signs is the album that should serve as the year’s musical projects’ close-up; Runtown has made up for his decision to exclude us from his music with a masterpiece that gives us a glimpse into his thought process and gives us something to hold onto until he is ready to spoil us with more enjoyable music. The album has a strong 7 out of 10, with some tracks ranking higher than others.

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