Victoria Kimani Dazzles With Afro-Inspired Slow-Tempo Bop “How I Do”

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Acclaimed singer-songwriter Victoria Kimani is set to mesmerize audiences with her latest release, “How I Do.” The soulful track seamlessly blends the genres of Afropop and R&B, delivering a captivating and memorable musical experience.

“How I Do” invites listeners into a world of laid-back rhythms and enchanting vocals. Victoria Kimani’s talent shines through as her captivating voice takes center stage, guiding the audience through a mesmerizing journey. The minimalistic production serves as the perfect backdrop, allowing her vocals to captivate and engage the listener.

Produced by the talented Kayo Musiq, “How I Do” showcases a seamless fusion of Afropop and R&B. The collaboration between artist and producer results in a sound that captures the essence of both genres. The minimalistic approach enhances the impact of Victoria Kimani’s vocals, while subtle musical elements add depth and texture to the overall composition.

Victoria Kimani’s exceptional talent as a vocalist is on full display in “How I Do.” With her captivating delivery and flawless execution, she creates a soulful masterpiece that demands attention from start to finish. The blend of Afropop and R&B creates a unique and enticing musical experience that is both memorable and engaging.

“I am thrilled to share ‘How I Do’ with the world,” says Victoria Kimani. “This song is a reflection of my artistry and passion for creating soulful music. I hope it resonates with listeners and takes them on a captivating journey.”

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