Lucid’s “HI I’M LULU” EP: A Fusion Of Biographical Stories And Seductive Melodies

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Lucid, the prolific songwriter and singer from Abuja, Nigeria, is proud to announce the highly anticipated release of their latest EP, “HI I’M LULU.” This project showcases Lucid’s unique style and energy, captivating listeners with a mesmerizing fusion of biographical storytelling and seductive melodies.

With each song offering a glimpse into Lucid’s personal experiences and emotions, “HI I’M LULU” serves as a bold introduction to Lucid’s world. The EP kicks off with the infectious title track, “Bebe,” a song that sets the tone with its irresistible danceability and joyous chorus. Lucid recalls the moment of inspiration, as the words and melody effortlessly flowed, creating a track that beckons everyone to hit the dance floor.

“Heart and soul,” a danceable yet deeply detailed track, encapsulates Lucid’s personal journey and experiences. The lyrics speak of the mental strength required to overcome challenges and the unwavering determination to bring dreams to life. Lucid’s commitment to their craft shines through every note, making this song a powerful anthem for those striving to overcome obstacles and pursue their passions.

Challenging expectations and defying preconceived notions, “Night bus” transforms the concept of a night bus into a captivating metaphor, seamlessly blending elements of sexual drive and groove. Lucid’s artistry conveys a message both directly and indirectly, leaving listeners with a newfound appreciation for the power of artistic expression.

“Flat tyre” delves into the complexities of a toxic relationship, shedding light on the consequences of destructive behavior. Lucid takes responsibility for the misunderstandings and issues in the relationship, attributing them to their own bad drinking habits. This cautionary tale serves as a reminder to approach alcohol responsibly and to avoid harmful patterns in relationships.

The EP’s focus track is an emotionally charged track, “Therapy.” Serving as an outlet for Lucid, this song allows for the expression of thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to convey in person. Lucid, known for their reserved and quiet demeanor, takes this opportunity to share deeply personal experiences, providing a rare glimpse into their inner world.

“HI I’M LULU” pushes boundaries and invites listeners to connect on a profound level. Lucid’s ability to blend storytelling, raw emotion, and seductive melodies creates an immersive and unforgettable musical experience. The EP is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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