Tonero’s latest single “Wildin’ ” comforts young people seeking purpose.

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Following the release of his first single for the year, Enemy, Tonero is back again with a new single, Wildin– a heartfelt and introspective track inspired by the struggles of the creative and life processes. Written and produced in a period of self-discovery, the artist shares a part of his journey for those who can relate to similar challenges. 

I was figuring out a lot of things in that period. I guess it’s another page in the journal I hope could help you in your journey.”

Wildin is an honest reflection of the highs and lows of Tonero’s journey as an artist. The song’s lyrics capture a time of exploration of the soulful artist facing challenges and the unknown. In the chorus, he sings “make it easy on me, open my eyes so I can see, cause I’m in too deep”—another reflection of a time in search of purpose. 

Tonero’s creative spirit and passion shine through in his newest single. The single, produced by the artist himself, showcases his musical style and emotive songwriting. The low-tempo track earnestly encourages listeners to push through their current adversities. 

Tonero is on a consistent roll of releases slated for 2023, fluid in sonics and dense in thematic depth. Leading up to an EP next, Tonero hopes Wildin guides listeners through his journal, where he shares his struggles and triumphs. 

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