TAR1Q  Enlists Khaid For “Jigga”

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“Jigga” marks TAR1Q’S debut under Nigeria’s foremost music label, Chocolate City. On the track, the dynamic duo TAR1Q and Khaid explore the highs and pitfalls of love and brotherhood while exemplifying their prowess as bastions of the new school of Afrobeats. TAR1Q’S evocative vocals, marked by a raw authenticity, intertwine seamlessly with Khaid’s mesmerizing contributions, creating a sonic masterpiece that demands attention.

The song is a sonic journey that goes beyond mere lyrics and melodies; it’s a captivating narrative that resonates with the human experience. With lines that paint pictures of love’s nuances, TAR1Q and Khaid showcase an extraordinary ability to transform feelings into art. The chemistry between the artists is palpable, and their combined talents shine through as they navigate themes of love and devotion.

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