Takeaway Points From Odumodublvck’s ‘Eziokwu’ Mixtape

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It’s on sight the minute Odumodublvck kicks his song off with his appraisal chants. While we’re not entirely sure what he’s rapping in a blink of an eye at the start of the song, we’re certain the artist is bringing his shotgun to the track. Gunpowder, pistol and cutlass, is what the artist uses to unleash the fiery, yet, powerful melody in his music. 

If you were asked to describe Odumodublvck’s personality using his music, what would it be? Well, this writer would simply put that the Native Record star, is a combination of audacious, daring and dauntless creatures, all laced into what we are all quite sure of, is a peaceful fellow. 

We know what Odumodublvck is, and he can’t fool us with the “hard boy” exterior his music carries. 

It’s been barely two years in the limelight of the Nigerian music scene and this Abuja rapper has carried effortlessly the hip-hop scene on his back, like he has an empty backpack strapped to his back. His music style though, unconventional acquainted with the Nigerian music audience, is largely going mainstream because if you’re good, you’re good. 

We will not be engaging with anyone who thinks otherwise on Odumodublvck’s artistry, neither will we attempt to explain that it’s okay for everyone to not be on the Odumodu vibe. The ones who know, know. That’s all we can say. 

This writer has always summarized Odumodublvck as an artist whose music is bold and dauntless. It isn’t violent, it just reeks of a certain confidence that is exhumed by the rapper himself. I clocked this from Psycho YP’s “Brando Diaries” 

Last year, his “Picanto” single, featuring Zlatan and Ecko Miles was perhaps, that one track that was well seated in the mainstream Nigerian audience. The rhythmic chorus did a thing, and  Odumodublvck is to an extent, a household name. 

There was also the widespread acceptance of his “Declan Rice” single which dropped in March, 2023. It is safe to conclude, that this track helped Odumodublvck’s music step feet into international world— no matter how small the ground-break is. 

Emerging an award winner at the recently held annual Headies Awards under the categories Rookie of the Year and Best Rap Single, it is indelible how the artist has perhaps, come to stay, and won’t be gone for a long while. 

Recently releasing his mixtape/album (you’re not wrong if you call it an album), the conclusion that Odumodublvck’s music is fire has been stamped and affirmed. The artist is as blazing hot as his music displays his talent. If you haven’t caught the “Eziokwu” buzz, I doubt there would be much comprehension of how utterly amazing the artist is; and this is no exaggeration. 

Like the likes of new cats like himself, comprising Fireboy, Omah Lay, Asake, BNXN, amongst others, Odumodublvck’s mixtape, “Eziokwu”, sits comfortably at the high table of buzzing projects of the year 2023.

Of all 15-tracks in the “Eziokwu” mixtape, the rapper has been able to deliver his unit of at least 7 songs with the potentiality of standing the test of time. From “Commend”, to “Kubolor”, to “Adamma Beke”, to “Blood On The Dance Floor”, to “Saint Obi”, “Shoot and Go Home”, to “Declan Rice”, in fact, every song on there— there is no denying that Odumodublvck went all out for the release of “Eziokwu”, the mixtape. 

Do you want more or do you want less? – Excerpt from “MC Oluomo”

“Eziokwu” is an album with a definite plea for more, and denial of this, has created a distinctive  strong replay value. That you won’t replay the album for the sake of the ease of smooth flow from “Commend” to “Picanto”? You’re very much lying to yourself. 

It’s not enough to rightfully claim that the album is a masterpiece, well only get the satisfaction when we say that-; there are top three exceptional reasons why our love for “Eziokwu” is in fact, undying. 

1. We get it Odumodublvck, your creativity is spiraling out of this world— with reference to the album cover.

Odumodublvck really said “no need to waste time crafting aesthetically pleasing album cover, the real aesthetics will lie in the songs” and we love it!! 

There is a certain unconventionality with “Eziokwu” album cover; the rawness and the mediocrity which permit the philosophical nature of this phrase but; is very deep. We’re not sure what exactly Odumodublvck was thinking when he concluded for THAT album cover, but yes, we get it. It’s evoking rawness and emotional tumble.

2. Pains and perfection 

Even in pain, this Abuja rapper effortlessly delivered fire tracks. 

Recently, Odumodublvck said to figure out what tracks he made while he had his jaw injury, and this begs to question— e show for voice

Because there’s absolutely no way anyone could easily figure that out. 

The artist delivered, gobbled up these tracks and left no crumbs. 

However, we will attempt a short shot— we believe it to be “Tesla Boy”featuring Blaqbonez and “Firegun” with Fireboy. Those tracks are by far the coolest songs on the album, no intended audacious vocals or oozing violence, compared to the other tracks.

3. The unique perspective of “Eziokwu”

Eziokwu doesn’t come off as an album that encapsulates Odumodublvck’s struggles, love life or his career, like the other new cat artists tend to do with their projects. 

The artist does well to portray groove, cruise and hilarious lyrics with his album. From the first track to the very last, Odumodublvck’s unconventionality is fascinating with how he arranges his tracks for utmost listening pleasure.

Odumodublvck’s mixtape or album, as you would choose to call it, is an embodiment of gracious tracks, intentional features as well as deliberate craftiness. His brilliance on “Stripper’s Anthem”, “Hammer Time”, “Dog Eat Dog II”, amongst others, are further push to the narrative of his artistry. 

It is exceptional how we’re finally witnessing and attesting the beauty of the Abuja rapper’s musicality, despite his being in the industry for over six years, since 2017. “Eziokwu” might be the truth after all, to his profound stream of artistic talent. 

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