Sola’s new Single ‘Hustle’- An Ambitious Anthem for Your Daily Grind

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Sola, a Nigerian-American Afro-fusion singer, and songwriter, makes her official debut launch into the music scene with her new single, “Hustle”. “Hustle” embodies a fusion of Afro-infused rhythms and R&B elements. It serves as a lyrical tribute to the energetic rhythm of our daily grind, capturing the essence of our hustle and bustle. It’s 2024 and Sola has introduced herself to the world as a spectacular act to be on the lookout for.

Inspired by the likes of Sade Adu, Fela, and Michael Jackson, having grown up listening to them, Sola carves her path as an artist. She seamlessly blends soul, Afro, pop, and RnB to create a unique sound that conveys a spontaneous and heartfelt message. Her multicultural background serves as a canvas for her musical artistry, on which she paints a picture of life, pitching her tent and hoisting her sails to greatness.

Embarking on her musical journey, Sola introduces “Hustle”, a sensual Afro-RnB track on which she delivers beautifully emphasizing the necessity of devotion on the path to success. One that demands hard work or “the hustle”.

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