Fiokee Debuts As A Vocalist In His New Single ‘If You Don’t Mind’

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Fiokee, the renowned guitarist and producer, has kicked off the year and his new age with a fresh single titled ‘If You Don’t Mind’.

The song, co-produced by Xtofa and Fiokee, features Fiokee as the lead vocalist for the first time. In “If You Don’t Mind”, Fiokee delivers a soothing melody and a catchy hook, as he provides reassurance to his lover ‘Don’t worry about anything, I’ma give everything.’

Fiokee is widely recognized for his skillful guitar solos that blend highlife rhythms and contemporary sounds. His musical journey began at a very young age in a church choir, where he learned to sing the solfa notation and developed his passion for music.

As Fiokee celebrates his 42nd birthday, he embraces a new challenge and explores a new dimension of his artistic expression.

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