The Sounds of R&B and Afropop Collide in Nonso Amadi’s Newest Release – “Ease Up”

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Nonso Amadi’s heartfelt music is one of his most admirable qualities; it always seems to strike the chords of love, and coupled with his extremely lovely visage, his music sells well among Nigerians, especially among women. Why wouldn’t you appreciate his music? The way his lyrics sways in your head in a slow- or mid-tempo stride while seductively stringing his vocals or his exotic melodies on a tune. It further demonstrates that Nonso Amadi is not your typical Nigerian artist; he is unique and has remained the same over the years.

With the unending release of the majority of his magnificent records—including singles, features, as well as a few EPs, we were given a glimpse into his musical prowess. The artist essentially left no room for doubt on how artistically his music creation is as up to this point, these songs are what defined Nonso Amadi and earned him his well-deserved recognition in the Nigerian music space. His musicianship is an unrivaled conquest, as seen by songs like Tonight,KwasiaEarly by Juls—where he was featured alongside Maleek Berry—EmergencyRadio, among many other classics. 

Nonso Amadi’s music resonates with a diverse group of listeners; in addition to his predominantly feminine following, he also appeals to men who dig the cool, soulful music he creates. His music is of the “if you get it, you get it” variety. The author comes to the conclusion that having Nonso Amadi as one of your core top artists identifies your musical taste because there is no force that goes into comprehending his music.

The fact that he decided to take a musical hiatus for more than a year did not sit well with many of us who guzzle and inject his music into our systems. It was as if he vanished from the face of the planet, with no new music releases and no social media presence at all. All we could do was console ourselves with his back catalog in the hopes that he would eventually remember us and return with an even better range of music.

He did return in 2022, keeping his promise to return better after disappearing from the internet’s surface. The artist also brought with him a fresh batch of his beguiling music. Nonso Amadi has been on a music release spree, blessing our ears and filling us up with music we’ve missed out on, despite a minor glitch in eventually finding that one tune that propels him to a place of comfort and solidifies his place in the music space.

Few days following his return to the online realm, he made an explosive entry by releasing Foreigner. In this writer’s books, the song Foreigner serves as a reminder of not just how pleasant his melodies are but also of his creative prowess and the confirmation that his charm did not fade with the wind. The song, which had a Spanish-influenced atmosphere and a swaying rhythm, was released as a single in February 2022 with Nonso Amadi caressing the walls of love in it, as he frequently does in his songs.

It is nearly impossible to ignore the artist’s conscious effort to disperse music in a predictable way when listening to his tune Different, which features Majid Jordan and was released in May of the same 2022. R&B is the finest genre to categorize the music he produces since it best captures how he uses his lyrics to evoke emotions and how amorous his songs are.

The artist started the year 2023 with a new tune, Ease Up, a few more months after dropping Eye To Eye, his round-up track for the year in September 2022, another slow tempo single. This time, the musician experiments with authentic Afropop components while staying true to the R&B stems in his songs.

Ease Up takes on a different dimension because the musician doesn’t sing about a woman or about his promise of love to a woman; instead, he summarizes the truth of a Nigerian’s existence while emphasizing on how he enjoys life to the fullest and live stress-free in this song. As a clear indicator of how the Nigerian government is structured, he says, “Leaders no dey care for us/their politics is more important.

Hearing Nonso Amadi loosen up on this tune and produce a type of song with the potential to be club-worthy but still remaining true to his soulful character is an eye-opening feeling. He uses both English and pidgin in his lyrics on the song Ease Up, demonstrating that he is prepared to jam us out with fantastic music in 2023 so that we may appreciate everything he has in store for us.

As of right now, his most recent song has a high rate of replay; we get to hear something new, and we applaud Nonso Amadi for starting the year with a zesty tune for the times to come. What do we anticipate? Just having faith in the artist and hope for some music-goodies he has in store for us. We recognize and appreciate his dedication and constancy thus far since Foreigner.

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