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Our favorite musicians are returning in this new year with renewed zeal to release new music, bless our ears with amazing sounds, and inform us of their extensive range of varied versatility along with their creative exploration. Artists have already released songs this year that stray slightly from their regular musical paths, exploring genres that show a looser version of their creative tapestry.

Weekend music releases from artists like Loti, L.A.X, King Perry, Jeriq, H.O.M.A, and Phyno, among others, serve as a reminder that it is truly a blessing to be a Nigerian and to be surrounded by such sophisticated musical tastes and an endless supply of enchanting tunes, which occasionally inspire creative Nigerians to create catchphrases from the lyrics (such as Abracadabra‘s “abi kin pe Rexxie“).

Here are a few hot tracks that District234 recommends you listen to this weekend for an exciting weekend cruise!

Ojemba – Phyno Ft Olamide

How long has it been since we last heard the lovely fusion of vocals from the two rap giants from the East and the South, Phyno and Olamide? We adore the artists’ collaboration because it combines Yoruba and Igbo influences, which Ojemba brilliantly captures. Olamide strikes a mix between Western culture and his indigenous flair, whereas Phyno never strays from his tribal customs. The song, which is loaded with instruments such as horns and keys, does, in fact, have a certain cosmic force.

Stand by You – Pheelz

Stand By You has a completely different energy and atmosphere than Pheelz’s previously released songs, Electricity and Finesse, which are elevated by features from some of the best in the Nigerian music scene, BNXN and Davido. The song, which has a romantic theme, is a slow-tempo song that Pheelz ambles through from beginning to end all by himself without any help. The beats tend to be “limpy,” creating a melodious pattern, and we are generally in love with the thuds of the drums.

Saro – Jinmi Abduls

Perhaps this year is the year when Nigerian artists decide to break out of their comfort zones and explore, showcasing their vast range of variety and proving to us that they aren’t our typical stereotypical artists—as Jinmi Abdul does in Saro. While he may be devoted to passion and love, Saro‘s rhythm isn’t the typical kind as he flows through exuding the confident style of a rapper. For a song that talks about love, the trumpets and bass are as distinct, and the tune has a dancing energy. Cheers to Jinmi Abduls; he outdid himself on this one.

Folake – Boy Spyce

Boy Spyce has finally released the steamy Folake song after earlier this week’s constant tease with snippets of the song. Boy Spyce’s facile wordplay, fantastic storytelling abilities through lyrics and general firm attitude in this music thing are not mentioned nearly enough. The musician clearly has grandeur in mind, even though we have already seen him fully express himself on Mavin’s album Chapter X. Boy Spyce performs a sample of You and I by Onyeka Onwenu on Folake, he says in the song, “you and I will live as one.” This writer highly recommends Folake as a top-notch catchy song.

Werser – Mr Eazi

Since 2022 and up to the present, Mr. Eazi has consistently released quality dance songs as well as TikTok snippets. From Patek to See Something among his love songs, Personal Baby and Legalize, the singer is unquestionably making a significant and recognizable comeback into the music industry. We must confess that the musician is a master of amapiano because his most recent release was based on the foundations of this iconic amapiano. Werseris yet another demonstration of his smooth amapiano flow and ease; he employed the expression “pressure is becoming werser” in his song, an expression which became and maybe still is an online rage.

Jolie – Khaid

Before Jolie was released, this song’s PR was on a major tear and had already cemented itself in the minds of music fans; Khaid has since before now proved to be a remarkable artist. There is no denying the young musician’s vitality on tracks with good sensationalism; he is one of those rising artists we should keep an eye on in this year or the years to come. Jolie is an additional testament to his musical prowess. In Jolie, he takes on the role of a man who is in love, and via the throbbing beats and echoing voices, Khaid’s latest single is a must-listen.

Call Jehova – 1da Banton

Call Jehova, the latest release from “no wahala“, singer 1da Banton, adopts the tone of a chill and laid-back song. The music has a nuanced tone, heartfelt melodies, and a distinct spiritual call. As 1da Banton puts it, “if you get problem no dey call me, call me/I say make you call Jehova.” Call Jehova emphasizes on constantly remembering to call on the holy one in both good and terrible times.

After his release of summertime tunes and a party hip-hop banger, Call Jehova is a demonstration of how one’s state of mind inspires the music that an artist might create.

Rora – L.A.X

You hardly ever hear L.A.X turn his enthusiasm down in his music; he always has a hippy vibe on his tracks, and the loud log drumming have become essential components of his music in recent years. Rora is no exception, singing in Yoruba with sprinklings of English, talking on a woman’s body, and calling for her to “gbe wa.”

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