Laime’s ‘Naughty By Nature’: A Musical Memoir Of Life Events

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Laime’s official entry into the music scene took place in 2018 with the release of his debut EP, “21.” This collection of Afropop tracks served as the initial unveiling of his undeniable star potential. Over time, he has continued to release singles and collaborate on various features, further establishing himself as an up-and-coming artist.

His third EP, ‘If Summer Happened,’ was released in 2021, serving as a portrayal of a summer profoundly affected by monumental changes. This marks a significant rekindling of Laime’s superstar talents.

This year, Laime returns with his fourth EP, “Naughty by Nature.” Each song on the EP is a reflection of important life events that have left a mark on Laime. This EP signifies a transition into a new musical era, offering a glimpse into Laime’s evolving outlook. “Naughty by Nature” is built upon the bedrock of Laime’s self-confidence, enabling him to be unapologetically honest.

Recorded in Lagos and Abuja, the EP incorporates elements of Afropop, R&B, and Hip-hop, creating a lively fusion of sounds. Laime’s storytelling is at the forefront, offering a glimpse into a world where themes of love, betrayal, hope, vulnerability, mistakes, and revenge intersect.

 It’s a body of work that merges Laime’s character and lifestyle with his music.

In anticipation of “Naughty by Nature,” Laime shared a series of memorable songs. These tracks comprised “Where Dem Dey ft. Odumodu Blvck,” “7 In The Morning ft. Lojay,” “On My Mama,” and “Where Dem Dey ft. Odumodu Blvck, Psycho YP, and Dan Dizzy.”


  1. On My Life (Prod by Princeton)
  2. Where Dem Dey Ft. Odumodu Blvck (Prod by Thrill Max)
  3. Aye Ole (Prod by Ciq Sound)
  4. Ololufemi (Wole) (Prod by Spellz)
  5. Away (Prod by Ciq Sound)
  6. 7 In The Moring ft. Lojay (Prod by Dami Rore)
  7. Signs (Prod by Spellz)
  8. Where Dem Dey Remix ft. Odumodu Blvck, Dan Dizzy, Psycho YP (Prod by Thrill Max)

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