Dash Omd Unleashes New Single “Silicon” 

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Following the massive success of his single “Aston Martin”, which garnered an impressive million streams since its release. Dash Omd  is back in the spotlight, showcasing his sonic prowess with his second release of the year, “Silicon”.

“Silicon” celebrates the captivating allure of the woman as she is a work of art. The high-energy track combines fast-paced rhythms with irresistible Amapiano beats which adds a unique and contemporary element to the song infusing it with modern Afrobeat sounds creating a musical experience that is as infectious as it is catchy.

Dash Omd’s lyrics are a testament to his effortless charm and wit as he compliments and celebrates beauty in a way that makes it impossible for anyone not to feel adored. With such natural delivery, it almost feels like a sincere conversation with the listener, drawing them into a world of admiration. His charismatic and dynamic vocals enhance the song’s appeal making it perfect for getting people on their feet and dancing to the irresistible beat.

Overall, “Silicon” is a vibrant and rhythmic musical journey that pays homage to the beauty of the woman, inviting listeners to dance and celebrate life with its infectious Afro-fusion sound.

This release marks a significant step forward for Dash Omd, as he continues to refine his signature sound and craft a narrative that resonates with listeners, evoking emotions while keeping them on their feet.

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