Joeboy’s Attempt at Reclaiming His Soft Boy Spot in the Nigerian Music Landscape

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We often tend to forget in 2019, when the Nigerian music landscape took a tilt when sugar boy, Joeboy dropped his single, Baby. That was the one debut that skyrocketed him to the limelight in music industry, where no one could comprehend the refining magic the track held. 

We beheld the visuals and understood the actual concept of the track, understanding the love intentions the song so vividly captured and how through the years, Joeboy crafted his art into the style — where he made and makes music that croons on love, heartbreak and anything romantically tied. 

While it did not totally capture the artist as the lover boy his songs intended for him to be perceived as, he was sure seen in the light of one of those sweet boy whose definition of love came with something as sweet and dangerous as sugar. 

The next time Joeboy dropped a new single that same year, serenading us with an EP even, Love & Light, we understood how much emotions truly his songs held, appreciating his music and then the time came when he became one of the fantasised crushes of Nigerian girls. 

Dropping amazing records such as BeginningCallAll For You, during the 2019 – 2020 period, we all saw Joeboy in such an esteemed light, reckoning him as one who just knew the right elixir to infuse into his music, considering he never fell short of expectation on every of his records. 

His relaxed aura in his music, his deft mastery in music creation and his energy in his music visuals, is just as appealing as the sultry vocals with which is used to make such perfect records as the ones Joeboy puts out. 

Not boxing Joeboy into a confined space, the artist has done even more amazing on featured tracks, being what you so desire for him to be, as is shown in his featured records where in songs like Nobody by DJ Neptune, where he made an appearance alongside Mr Eazi, Joeboy  most definitely rocked the boat with his perfect hook and chorus, flooring even the almighty Mr Eazi, which was one of the most outstanding features of all of Joeboy’s discography. 

In Slow Burner where though the only one on the track by Larry Gaaga, Joeboy revealed himself as a true Yoruba demon, wearing his full agbada kit to assume the position of a beast who would do anything to lick the ice off a woman’s body.  His slow, timely, sultry, enchanting aura in the track stamped him as a diverse love struck artist, who can be just anything you need him to be in a song. 

In 2021, the artist made a statement with his debut album, Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic,where he created a 14-track project that highlights love journeys, love stories and blending it with smooth instrumentations, which when summed up, you conclude that Joeboy put  together a brilliant masterpiece for a debut. 

Watching his musical journey from his debut in 2019 till now, with his awkward silence in 2022, last year, and a view at his recent singles this year, Body & Soul and now, Duffel Bag, one can state that the artist is ready to make a comeback, claim his throne as that romantic artist and perhaps, continue with his trend of feeding his audience to the brim, good music. 

Body & Soul which he dropped earlier this year, has his testing the waters on amapiano, smoothing the edge of love’s helm and infusing as always, the vibe-y melody his songs always have; what you notice with Joeboy’s music is how much of a good time is assured for such a short running time of the record. 

Truth is before pressing play on any of Joeboy’s record, you have a peak of what the song tends to be about with how he titles every of his track— Don’t Call Me BackShow MeCallDoor, amongst others. 

His most recent single, Duffel Bag, is quite as implying as the title itself — as Joeboy assumes the perfect sugar daddy nature, willing to spend it all on his baby. 

His second single this year, has him attempting at reeling in love, taking us slowly and reminding us of his excellence with romance, it infects, reels him up for something greater going forward this year, an album come May. 

Duffel Bag has amply positioned him as a smooth operator (yea, pardon the borrow from Sade Adu) and wine who can flow crisp as that Yoruba player. 

The track produced by E Kelly, focuses on his emphasis and want to spoil his woman, talking about his adoration for her being. 

The visual for the track which already portrays Joeboy as a sugar daddy, is a crooning track, ideal for everyone involved in the ‘sugar’ lifestyle. In a nutshell, Duffel Bag is a ‘YOLO’ lifestyle, ‘No Stress’ kind of track with focus on enjoyment. 

The beat is definitely cruising, the gearing log drums and the savoury lyrics, showcasing Joeboy’s songwriting style— one thing we’ve never had to do is underrate this part of the artist; it’s impeccable how through the years, we haven’t had to single out a bad song from the artist, either some of his records are to your knowing or not. With every of his attempt made obvious this year, we understand how the artist is gearing us up for his sophomore album, Body & Soul which is set to be released on the 21st of May. We can only assume what style Joeboy will explore this time — love? merge of love and more? However, what is sure of the album is the artist will reclaim his stance yet again, and refresh his musicality once again in our minds. 

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