Hilary and Beyond— A Noon Dave’s World

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There’s Ckay, there’s Omah Lay and then there’s Noon Dave; although seeing how much comparison is done between this artist and the others, Noon Dave is one artist who we can ascertain was made for this moment, for the juiciness of 2023’s musical melodies. 

However often people tend to see his work being alike to his colleagues, this artist regardless desires for his audience and the entire Nigerian span to see ‘him for him’; while his music is definitely an imprint from a large bulk of his Western musical influences, as well as our very own Burna Boy, Noon Dave maintains his craft is rather independent with no affiliation to any artists’ music pattern. 

His early musical career where he spent the first half of 2021 as a featured artist on artists like himself, has prepared him for the greatness with which he entered the year 2023 with. Dropping Hilary earlier this year and following the wide spread of the record, Noon Dave talked with District234 how much intentionality was put into the entire musical process before the start of him actually dropping singles, and finally leading up to the drop of his newest record. 

As an artist, the flows of his melodies which firstly has to be right, oftens crop up from experiences around him—where a greater large of his discography so far, revolves majorly around women, love and romance; it is impeccable how the artist swerves on beats with this solely in mind. Although open to essentially other areas when singing, he made it known that his music target audience are women, hence the love crooning, sultry rhythms and the choice to lean more into the circular type of music which revolves around ‘love, heartbreak and romance

For an artist like Noon Dave, he considers the hook a very vital part of his song and thus, is inclined to be satisfied in his music creation the moment he sets the right foot on the hook; with this very talented artist, he can couple the entire creation process where he either flows first with a beat, or tag along the lines of a phrase he has been able to come up with. 

His joy, comes from how much pleasure his music gives people and how very random people appreciate his art; the fact that his music is relatable, Noon Dave’s excitement rears up from how people are able to key in to it. “People saying good stuff about music keeps me going”, he concludes. 

Ever since his signing with Chocolate city from 2021, Noon Dave relates the much good this deal has brought him— “exposure, access and recognition” are the three words used by this artist to illustrate the much flavour his label has brought for him, which indeed, is a good stepping for his career. 

Commenting on the globality of Afrobeats and the role of the genre in the Western world, Noon Dave attests to the recognition of this sound and the need for every global artist to be associated with it, affirming how he desires for his sound to be also, in this conversation, with the Noon Dave name brand spreading through the music globe and getting his name highly acquainted with.

In such a short span of two years, the singer has evolved in his musicality; starting with how as a growing artist, he leaned more into R&B trap music before eventually settling into a prim and proper Afrobeats artist. 

Following the drop of his viral single, Hilary, Noon Dave promises to drop later into the year, even more exciting projects, with a new single lurking around and a well curated EP which will be dropping all in the same year. As a part of the new generation of Nigerian artists and the satisfactory feeling at the thought of it, the artist is poised for an even greater career moving forward. 

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