Unpacking the Story Behind the Music: MohBad’s “Ask About Me”

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We dive into the inspiration, emotions, and creative process behind Mohbad’s “Ask About Me”. Mohbad shares with us what led to the creation of the song, as well as interesting anecdotes about its recording . We also explore the message and theme conveyed in the music and how the song fits into the artist’s body of work. Join us as we discover the story behind the music.

  1. What inspired you to write this song?

The producer of the song “Nektunez”, played me a beat that had an amazing sax tone at the beginning,  that immediately inspired me to do the song

  1. Can you describe the writing process for this song?

The producer sent me the beat by 10pm at night, I had an in-house producer that just recorded me and it was really 1 take, I just vibed and laid the first verse and chorus 

  1. What emotions were you feeling when you wrote this song?

I just knew I was making a  Hit from the beat

  1. Are there any interesting stories or anecdotes about the creation of this song that you’d like to share?

 To be Honest , the only thing that interested me was the fact that I did the song under my first take, I already had a full song by my first take , Interesting right?

  1. How does this song relate to your personal experiences or beliefs?

It literally tells you about what I have been through and where I am heading presently 

  1. What do you hope listeners take away from this song?

I literally am just telling everyone not to step on my toes,, i hope they get the message 

  1. Is there a particular line or verse in this song that holds special meaning for you?

“One Man Soja”, I’m being my own boss now

  1. How did you choose the instrumentation and arrangement for this song?

It was all the producers, I just Jumped on it, Big shout out to Nektunez

  1. Was there any specific message or theme you were trying to convey through the music video or visual representation of the song?

 Yes, I was trying to show that Immolenization is not just a label, but a Movement 

  1. How do you see this song fitting into your overall body of work?

Its A Tip of what is yet to come 

  1. Are there any other creative influences or inspirations that you drew upon when creating this song?


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