Dr Karmma’s ‘Sunset Drive’ EP Infuses Perfection into its Melodies

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Dr. Karmma’s most recent EP, Sunset Drive, was released on March 15, 2023, and the artist is poised for a rollercoaster career as one on the rise in the Nigerian music market.

His latest EP is a melodic combination of hip-hop, fusion pop, and the ebbing R&B wave. You can hear the energy with which he begins his most recent project; the first song, Iswear, showcases his rapping skill while maintaining a mid-tempo that wonderfully emphasizes the fusion of genres that Sunset Drive so vividly captures.

His first song, Iswear, primes you for the other gorgeous tracks; it seems as though the artist purposefully pipes down in the track and abruptly lurches you into the other songs.

With $tretto, who sparks the track’s fire, Jhene Aiko blends R&B with afropop percussion. Particularly with the instrumentals and the hook, which is so flawlessly delivered, this music has an astounding amount of potential. The chorus’s gradual stroking of the song’s title, Jhene Aiko, immediately grabs your attention and stays in your mind.

Dr. Karmma croons on other tracks in Sunset Drive about love, wanting a woman, and sketching out romance with his lyrics, while the opening tune paints a picture of his state of mind. On Nkwobi, where he features Parpae, his cerebral songwriting is as as great as his vocals.

In Sunset Drive, you’ll notice how Dr. Karmma expertly crafts the project, how his vocals are calming, and how in just 10 minutes—the length of the EP—you’ll be drifting into a galaxy of rich melodies and seductive instrumentals.

Dr. Karmma’s EP doesn’t so much limit a track to one genre; Sunset Drive fuses genres so that, while you can hear an R&B flick, you can also feel the unmistakable intensity of afropop.

This EP’s flood of inventiveness is both magnificent and mind-blowing. Dr. Karmma’s musical genius is perfectly reflected in this EP; four tracks are all that are required to get one in the rhythm.

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