District234’s Expectations on Runtown’s Forthcoming Album, “Signs”

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Runtown is back and ready to return with a new single,Propaganda, off his next album, Signs, after taking up the “promise & fail” mantle and succeeding in continuously ghosting his music fans and moving up the release date of his album and music in general. While the album will be released November 18th, , the single is scheduled to be released on the 28th of October

The gifted musician and composer last released a project in 2021 titled Soundgod Fest Reloaded, on which he included artists like Darkovibes, Minz, and Bella Shmurda, among others. Following that, he drifted away from the music industry while teasing us with the prospect of a new body of work and watching to us clamor for more music. Runtown has proven over the years to be the soundgod he claims to be by making incredible music like his big smashes For Life and Mad Over You and leaving his mark as one of those artists with a strong sense of style. With his incredible success at creating strong bodies of work, we anticipate a perfect 10/10 for his upcoming album, a project that has lingered over the years.

Here are our expectations on the forthcoming album:

First, an apology track or a track explaining why he turned us to bambiala, begging for new music—we would much appreciate it if Runtown included an apology track or a track explaining why he turned us to bambiala, begging for new music, as a song on Signs. He could also include a track outlining why he believed it was best to keep his lovely songs from us. The song(s) serving as the intro might bang incredibly hard. I’ll feel at rest and be able to let everything go only then.

Dear Runtown, hop on an amapiano song, we want to see something —as is the trend with all artists these days, we’d really want to see Runtown join the bandwagon of those artists who has at least one amapiano themed song; it won’t make him any less amazing if he does or doesn’t, we just want to see something. The country needs a swaying amapiano tune from the talented performer with his distinctive cool voice.

We want any song with the word “riddim” in the title— have you heard Runtown’s riddim songs? Everything riddim is incredibly smooth, from the Body Riddim, Vigilante Riddim to the Ghetto Gospel Riddim. Would it be too much to ask for one or two more riddim anthems?

It’s either 14 tracks or more, or nothing— We’ve been denied the soundgod’s music for far too long, so we want no less than fourteen tracks on Signs. We need Runtown to make up for all the times he denied us, therefore we’re asking for lots of fire tracks. More is better, right?

His November should be his November— I know Runtown is now acting busy and releases songs whenever he wants, but this is a special request for the musician to adhere to his stated deadline. We already have to cope with Wizkid’s lies and deceits; if any other artist decides to tell us lies, our hearts would race.

Imagine a scenario in which Runtown releases his Signs album as planned and conforms to our expectations—this is highly improbable, right? We do realize that. While we wait for his album, we’ll console ourselves with the soon-to-be-released Propaganda song and hope that Runtown doesn’t ‘cut our ticket’.

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