Blaqbonez and His Streamline of Creativity; “Back in Uni” Music Video

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Back in Uni is Blaqbonez’s newest track, and the rapper just unveiled the official music video for it. Since its release, the video has generated quite a stir in the online media. The rapper, who has a reputation for being a drama king before, during, and after the release of his albums, has submerged himself as both a musician and a creator, as is shown in his most recent music video.

Given that he has stated that he will produce his own music video and that he has the creative acumen to come up with mind-blowing content as a promotional bundle for his music, it is not surprising that the Back in Uni video is constructed as it is. We are also used to his routine of roll-outs, defying protocol, and promoting his music anyway he deems appropriate; it brings to mind his hilarious 2020 effort in which he released Haba and made every attempt to ensure sure every social media user was aware of the song. We think of the Chocolate City star as a genius who is incredibly inventive, despite the fact that some may view him as an unnecessary clown.

Blaqbonez is a visual reflection of the changing world of creatives in the Afropop scene; more artists are pivoting and diversifying their brand, other musicians are foraying into the film industry, and some producers are on the rise, becoming actual artists and songwriters and doing brilliantly while doing it. In addition to being music products, artists like Blaqbonez are the roaring stars of the Gen-z Afropop scene and present themselves as creative geniuses.

The artist defies the cliché of frigid, repressed rappers by coming across as witty, inventive, and gregarious, giving the internet the impression of being a social butterfly. The rapper collaborates with Perliks Pictures to produce a hilarious and grandiose video. His spiraling sense of creativity this time is unexpected because his video is a parody of several artists’ music videos. Given that the teaser video for the song is different from the real music video, you would not have anticipated this.

He uses images from Wizkid’s Bad To Me visual cover, Oxlade’s well-known Ku Lo Sa performance at Color Studio, Burna Boy’s shoot for Dazed, Ruger in Girlfriend, BNXN’s personae, Ayra Starr’s Rush, Asake in Fireboy’s Bandana, Portable, and even the skit creator Efe, with whom he recently got into a Twitter argument. Curating them all together, he evokes a resonating humor in the minds of viewers at being able to identify the scenes.

With Blaqbonez, it is impossible to predict the rapper’s prospective; there is no way to know what his next move or his capabilities are. With his anti-love show disguised as a crusade earlier this year and his recent video that has sparked debate on Twitter, it is obvious that his upcoming album will be an incredible work of art. Blaqbonez is who he claims to be, and his name deserves to be respected.

Watch the video below.

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