Best in Africa: Nigerian Creators Dominate at TikTok Awards

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The second annual TikTok Top Creator Awards went down earlier this month, and Nigerian content creators emerged as the undeniable stars of the show! With an impressive four wins out of eight categories, they showcased their talent and creativity, leaving competitors in their digital dust. 

The ceremony, held on February 9th at Vodacom World in Johannesburg, celebrated the creativity and diversity of content creators across Sub-Saharan Africa. Fans cast their votes in December 2023, and both the public and a TikTok judging panel had their say in determining the winners. From hilarious skits to insightful education, these four victorious creators showcased Nigeria’s excellence and cemented its place as a digital powerhouse.

Let’s meet the champions:

Gaming Creator of the Year: @khalamanja

@khalamanja, a masterful gamer, claimed the title with over 20 million views and 2.6 million likes. His unique approach? Combining top-notch gameplay with engaging tutorials and witty commentary, creating a community of devoted fans who share his passion for gaming.

Upon receiving the award, @khalamanja expressed his gratitude to his supporters, acknowledging their role in his success story: “I’m tremendously grateful to my followers for their continued support. This wouldn’t have been possible without them. Together, we have built a community where gaming is not just a hobby but a shared passion and source of joy.” 

Lifestyle and Education Creator of the Year: @iremide

Creative and fun, @iremide, is all about inspiring and empowering her 1.2 million followers. Her visually stunning content mixes lifestyle tips with DIY projects, proving that creativity has the power to unlock endless possibilities.


JUST WON MY FIRST EVER AWARD TONIGHT 😭🏆🥹 Guess what? it’s a Freaking Global Award guys ✈️🌎 🎉 God said he wants to take me Global and he is doing it ! Thank you so much to all of you that voted for me 🙏 This wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. AFRICA TO THE FREAKING WORLD ! 🎉🌎 #topcreator2023 LIFESTYLE & EDUCATION 🏆🎉

♬ original sound – Iremide

“This award is a dream come true,” she shared. “I live, breathe, and speak creativity, and being awarded the Lifestyle and Education Creator of the Year is a testament to the possibilities that creativity unlocks. It has been a rewarding journey, and I am excited to continue inspiring and empowering others through my content.”

Trailblazer (Emerging) of the Year: @olaoflagos

From humble beginnings as a cleaner to TikTok stardom, @olaoflagos is a true trailblazer. His skits and content revolving around luxury cars and a lavish lifestyle have captivated 1.6 million followers.


Don’t let tough times stop you from chasing your dreams. No matter how hard it gets, believe in yourself. We’re in this together 💪” Keep pushing, keep your head up, keep your dreams alive, it’s plenty 👌 No matter how hard it get, I will make it in life, tell that to yourself 💪❤️

♬ original sound – olaoflagos_

Receiving the award served as a powerful validation of his journey and message: “I am beyond excited to receive this award. Being recognised as a trailblazer is a humbling experience. I believe in pushing boundaries and breaking stereotypes.” he declared. “This award is a reminder that anything is possible.”

Publisher of the Year: PulseNigeria247

Keeping Naija informed and entertained is PulseNigeria247’s specialty. This news outlet uses TikTok to deliver timely and relevant content, making them a leader in the platform’s publishing space.

Demi Dawson, Pulse Nigeria’s Director of Content, highlighted the team’s effort: “Thank You to TikTok for the award that we won and for giving us a space to be apart of the process. It is not easy to drive the TikTok page , constantly putting stuff up, entertaining and educating people, but the team has been very hands on and very proactive.”

In Summary: Naija Dominates!

Bianca Sibiya, Head of Content Operations for TikTok in Sub-Saharan Africa, summed it up perfectly: “As we conclude the Top Creator Awards, I am truly impressed by the achievements of Nigerian content creators. With an outstanding performance, securing four out of eight categories, Nigeria has demonstrated its talent and creativity on the global stage of TikTok. We look forward to witnessing their continued success and influence on our platform.”

The success of Nigerian creators at the TikTok Top Creator Awards is evidence of their talent, ingenuity, and dedication. It also highlights the growing influence of Nigerian content creation within the African and global digital landscape. So next time you’re scrolling through TikTok, keep an eye out for the Naija flag – you might just discover your next favorite creator!

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