Damii’s ‘Lagos Boys’ Celebrates The Spirit Of Lagos

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“Damii – Lagos Boys” is an Ode to the Streets, the track celebrates the resilience, audacity, and undeniable charm of the Lagos boys.

The Lagos boys, like seasoned navigators, traverse the city’s labyrinthine alleys with a unique blend of street smarts and unwavering confidence. Their swagger is unmistakable, and their words flow like honey – a trait captured in the line: “Sweet for mouth pass e Asaro” (meaning their eloquence surpasses even the famed Nigerian dish, Asaro).

But beyond the bravado lies a tender heart. The lyrics delve into the romantic pursuits of a Lagos boy, revealing his irresistible appeal to a woman. His boldness and charisma become his secret weapons, drawing her in like a moth to a flame.

“Damii – Lagos Boys” owes the energy to the acclaimed producer, P.priime. His deft touch infuses the track with life, making it an anthem for the city’s hustlers, dreamers, and lovers alike.

As the song reverberates through the streets, it captures the essence of Lagos – a city that pulses with contradictions, dreams, and unyielding spirit.

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