Asake’s 2022 Supremacy: ‘Mr Money With The Vibe’ Album Review

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Every year, an  artist from the stream of numerous musicians in Nigeria carries the year on his/her back. This artist enjoys a successful run, and thanks to the widespread buzz generated by chants of his/her praise, he/she delivers until the universe shifts the balance in favor of another performer. In 2020, Omah Lay’s music helped us get through the pandemic season; in 2021, BNXN fka Buju was having a great time with his smash hit features, EP, and singles. It is the year 2022, and it’s Asake’s time.

Asake gained notoriety with Lady in January, 2020 after entering the music industry with what we consider to be his first attempt at a successful launch. The song was featured in one of Sydney Talker’s comedy skits, which helped it gain a considerable amount of prominence. The musician then became well-known and when he released Mr Money in 2021, he became ‘that’ artist with a promising run. We knew then that Asake was destined for greatness; we just didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

Asake has established himself as one of the artists who had a flourishing music career at their inception by proving that he was meant for greatness through his musical run. With the release of his most recent album, MrMoney With The Vibe, the singer who began the year with his single, Omo Ope, on which he worked with Olamide, has captured us and since taken us through his year’s biggest singles to this point.

Asake creates music that is both beautiful and melodic, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in his sound and appreciate the distinctiveness of his voice; Asake is on a marathon for greatness with his fingers caressing the hem of GREATNESS’ clothing. His journey began with Omo Ope, and has since continued with his debut EP, Ololade Asake, and his numerous follow-up singles.

Despite the conversations of Asake rehashing his sounds, repeating the components of his music such as crowd vocals, the musician has been able to refine it to perfection for his style, and he has been able to use them repeatedly without each song seeming monotonous in his debut album. Asake leads us on a smooth ride through melodies of wonderful delights, taking us from Dull to Sungba featuring Burna Boy.

Asake combined Fuji and pop energy to produce a powerful sound in one of the tracks from his first album, Joha. He served us with vibes, hits, and melodious lambas; this is how he adds enticing Fuji aspects to the music, much like extra spice to food. The artist’s usage of the “pon pon” sound has drawn criticism from some who believe he uses it excessively, but because of the way he has modified it, the rest of us turn ignorant to it as a result how distinctive it is.

Saxophones, log drums, and background vocals are masterfully used in Dull and Organise. We applaud Magicsticks for the excellent production because the synchronization of these elements produces much more than an amapiano sound.

Not to be overlooked, though, is the fact that Asake’s album’s opening track should serve as a model for how an album’s introduction should be: soul-stirring and mind-blowing.

The artist already has a good chance of winning over music lovers with the rest of the tune after releasing Sungba the remix as the first single from Mr MoneyWith TheVibe, followed by Peace Be Unto Youand Terminator. Until we listen to Reason, where he features foreign artist Russ, we are unprepared for what Asake has in store for us. It is the way that their chemistry made it seem as though they had been creating music together for a very long time.

No matter what message Asake is attempting to convey through his songs, the vocalist makes sure you enjoy yourself while doing so. While he makes an attempt to deliver his inspirational speech in Dupe, a part of you is feeling the strong amapiano sound and is unsure of whether you should pay attention to his message or simply dance to the upbeat tune. He succeeds in his endeavor to provide a motivational speech in Nzaza and this time slows down the amapiano sound to a slow pace.

Ototo and Sunmomi are the epitome of an instrumental and production-free song. You can literally feel every note, every string, every hard rhythm, and the keys as they are being played. Similar to every other track, he achieves the excellence in his usage of crowd vocals in these tracks. From the chanting to the point where there are only beats, he fully utilizes the amapiano.

The appeal of Asake’s Mr MoneyWith TheVibe is that every song has a chance of becoming a hit, making the album’s replay value undeniable and definite. The success of his debut album demonstrates that Asake was meant for the music biz. This year, nature has invited him to seize his opportunity. The king of this musical season is without a doubt, Ololade mi Asake.

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