Young Jonn’s Rise to Pop Stardom; A Review of Love Is Not Enough Vol. 2

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In less than a year since the record producer fully transitioned into singing, young Jonn has been able to realize his musical potential. The producer, performer, and songwriter has experimented with his creative abilities by combining music production and singing. He is edging out even more creatively of his “wicked producer” phase and identifying as a multi-talented music genius, slowly but definitely.

The producer and artist, known for launching his vocal career with Dada and featuring Davido on its remix, has had a stellar run thus far with his fascinating tracks and project (s). His second EP, Love Is Not Enough Vol 2, serves as a spur of his debut and spans a number of musical genres; it instrumentally caresses the pop, amapiano, and RnB genres.

Love Is Not Enough Vol. 2 constructively maintains the theme of love by leaning more toward pop and amapiano and incorporating elements from various genres. Contrary to the song’s title, all 6 of the tunes on the EP speak glamorously about love and the desire to give a woman nothing but the best. The musician heightens our listening experience from track one to track six with his sensational vocals and keeps us on our toes with the silk production.

Sokoto, a track instrumentally clad in synth pop and delicate percussions, kicks off the EP. In the song, Young John is portrayed as the type of lover who is devoted to and will stop at nothing to please his partner. As much as he loves her, he reveals carnal feelings for her as he sings “love it when you call my name/whenever you sit pon my face.”

Normally, the second song is a repeat from his first EP. The song reaches its height in amapiano and is constructed around the idea of a man who loves his girlfriend and begs her to ease his pain while also admitting that his sole bad habit is “loving” her. In the engaging verse, he employs Yoruba as a way to express his love. The song worked wonderfully as a Tiktok sort of tune and continues to work incredibly well.

In Xtra Cool, Young Jonn’s captivating voice and erratic rhythm is top notch. His vocal serenade is a lovely fusion of his melodies, rhythm, and amapiano included elements, and it is performed just above the log drums. In simple Yoruba lyrics, he discusses how he is fixated on a girl and begs her not to think him foolish.

If You Leave, which Young Jonn himself produced, is a light-hearted showcase of his songwriting prowess and features contagious rhythms. In this track, he tells his girl, “If you leave, I go craze.” The song’s opening beats are energetic and percussive, matching his classic melody.

Vedo appears on the next track, Next To You; he chooses to sing in a Chris Brown-like manner and demonstrates his vocal range. The song describes Young Jonn’s desire to constantly be close to his partner. Vedo’s energetic flow over the tune, which is packed with modest amapiano, is appealing. His ability to craft memorable lyrics is dazzling and hooking.

Davido is featured on the album’s final track. Dada illustrates how far Young Jonn can go as a result of LOVE. Even better than the original version of the song, the remix of this song has a smooth production that is accentuated by Young John’s and Davido’s silky vocals.

We still admire the artist’s roll out and the aesthetic that goes with it, despite the start padding done to his sophomore being almost off-putting. He is rapidly establishing himself as a well-known pop performer who not only produces excellent music but also delivers hit tunes. One 2022 event we did not expect was Young Jonn’s debut as a singer.

Listen to the project below

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