Double Dose of Wendy Shay: ‘Every Man Cheat’ and ‘Heartless’ Resonate with Stories of Love and Empowerment

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Ghanaian afropop star Wendy Shay returns with not one, but two impactful releases: “Every Man Cheat” and “Heartless”. With these twin tracks, Wendy Shay offers an unfiltered look into the world of emotions and experiences.

“Every Man Cheat” uses catchy melodies to assert that infidelity is a universal inclination among men, urging women to take control and confront relationship realities head-on, all while grooving to the record.

In contrast, “Heartless” invites listeners into a personal journey, one of self-discovery and liberation from the shackles of a toxic relationship.

“I wanted to create music that resonates with the very heart and soul of relationships,” Wendy Shay revealed. “While ‘Every Man Cheat’ takes a bold look at a widespread issue, ‘Heartless’ finds strength within. Both songs capture different dimensions of love and growth.”

Wendy Shay, born Wendy Asiamah Addo, is no stranger to bold decisions. Originally a trained nurse, she chose to follow her musical aspirations, making Ghana her stage and afropop her genre.

As Wendy Shay’s releases “Every Man Cheat” and “Heartless” ignite conversations about relationships, her music continues to redefine the Ghana music scene.

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