Unpacking the Story Behind the Music: Laime’s “Where Dem Dey”

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We dive into the inspiration, emotions, and creative process behind Laime’s “Where Dem Dey” featuring Odumodublvck. Laime shares with us what led to the creation of the song, as well as interesting anecdotes about its recording and viral reception. We also explore the message and theme conveyed in the music and how the song fits into the artist’s body of work. Join us as we discover the story behind the music.

What inspired you to write this song?

I was inspired by a series of events that led last year that made me question why i was doing music and why I wanted to continue doing music in general, I was inspired by my whole mind state in general.

Can you describe the writing process for this song?

The writing process was great, we were basically surrounded by music and vibes for days, my friends were making beats all day back to back for a week and this was one song that came out of the process.

What emotions were you feeling when you wrote this song?

The emotions i felt writing the song, I felt happy, I felt like I needed to make a song like this cause I didn’t do much writing it came from my head so it wasn’t forced, I feel a bit of relief cause before that period I wasn’t finding it easy making new music cause my head was so clouded, I felt ready for whatever the song comes with, once I recorded it I knew it needed to be dropped.

Are there any interesting stories or anecdotes about the creation of this song that you’d like to share?

Any interesting stories about writing this song, well it was recorded in Abuja and I love recording in Abuja, I recorded the song in a day and in the next 24 hours Odumodu had already sent back his vocals then came to hear the merger and how it sounded then we shot a viral video in Abuja as well on one of the days Marvin star Rema payed a casual visit to Abuja, nothing about the song was premeditated but the aftermath of it was cause Odumodu posted a clip from his instagram live previewing the song and it immediately became a fan favorite without it dropping, since everyday until today I’ve been disturbed to drop this song by fans.

How does this song relate to your personal experiences or beliefs?

This song relates to personal experiences and my beliefs in different ways, its a song asking “where dem Dey?” Causemeverybody always wonders where everyone is when they are at their lowest, I felt like I was at my lowest and I couldn’t find most of the people that “cared” or wanted “the best for me”, it just seemed like I was alone and I had to retract my steps, the beat was made by my friend I spent memorable times with in the last past 4 years and he just started producing like a year ago so it was a fun experience showing that great things can be made by whenever puts their mind to it.

What do you hope listeners take away from this song?

I hope my listeners takes from this song the spirit of resilience, the song can literally pick you up from a dark spot if you listen carefully, from my verse down to Odumodus verse is like a successful story of from gutterman to a way better position and understanding of life, a story of power and acknowledgment of the fact that nobody was there at your lowest except you and the your stubborn heart.

Is there a particular line or verse in this song that holds special meaning for you?

Two lines from this song that holds good meaning to me are, “when I Dey port harcourt city them dey play” which states how when i was in my hometown of port harcourt finding a way for myself they were playing and sleeping on me but I feel this will wake them up, and when Odumodu said “where were they when depression been hook us to the stem” cause every over ambitious youth usually has a history with drugs and whenever they spiral down that road is usually when they feel the most alone and feel like no one understands them at all.

How did you choose the instrumentation and arrangement for this song?

how did I choose the instrumentation and arrangement of this song, well I didn’t chose it the beat for this song it was almost like it came to me, I was inside the apartment all day, max and Kuddi were working on beats when max called my attention to the beat then I payed the flow straight up once I recorded since then we knew we were on to something.

Was there any specific message or theme you were trying to convey through the music video or visual representation of the song?

Any specific message we were trying to convey with the representation of the song, well no message in particular we just wanted something fun to watch, cause overthinking kills the process.

How do you see this song fitting into your overall body of work?

How do I see this song fitting into my overall body of work? Well I didn’t initially sing it with intentions of putting it into my body of work but when the song was done it fit the narrative cause my next project title screams resilience and breaking the rules.

Are there any other creative influences or inspirations that you drew upon when creating this song?

None in particular, it was basically a fresh idea.

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