Tochii’s Latest Release “Detty Luv” Tells A Tale Of Manipulation In Relationships

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Macanthony Noble tochukwu, Known simply as tochii is a budding creative, who was born and raised  in Port harcourt, His love for music didn’t emerge until late 2021, all though he always knew he could sing, he just never explored the possibility of being an artist, 2 years into this new found passion for music, he is finally comfortable and ready to begin sharing music, and this is just what would hopefully the first  positive step in  a journey of a thousand miles.

According to him, “The song ‘detty luv’ is simply an expression of my situation at the time, its a song anyone can relate to if they’ve ever been in the wrong relationship. you want to believe this person is somehow good for you, even when they clearly aren’t, you’re willing to go to any length to convince this person that they should love you, whether it be through manipulating them or showering them with praise”

Listen below

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