Toby Grey and Kemuel Release Remix To Captivating Afrobeats Song, “Peace of Mind”

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Nigerian musicians Toby Grey and Kemuel have come together to produce a new Afrobeats-themed song, “Peace of Mind.” The song expresses their thoughts on a loving relationship and is accompanied by heavy drums and melodious strings that will keep you grooving to the beat.

With their unique blend of traditional and modern African rhythms, Toby Grey and Kemuel have created a captivating and soulful sound that will resonate with music lovers around the world. “Peace of Mind” is a beautiful song that speaks to the heart and celebrates the joy of being in a loving relationship.

Toby Grey, known for her soulful voice and ability to blend various genres of music, brings her signature style to “Peace of Mind.” Kemuel, on the other hand, is a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, and his effortless vocals add an extra layer of depth to the track.

The song’s heavy drums and melodious strings create a vibrant and dynamic backdrop for the lyrics, which speak to the importance of finding peace and happiness in a loving relationship. “Peace of Mind” is a feel-good track that will have you dancing and singing along from the very first note.

“Toby Grey and Kemuel have created a truly beautiful song with ‘Peace of Mind.’ It’s an Afrobeats hit that’s sure to captivate audiences around the world,” said a spokesperson for the record label. “Their unique blend of traditional and modern African rhythms is simply amazing, and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

“Peace of Mind” is now available on all major music streaming platforms. Fans of Afrobeats and lovers of great music are sure to enjoy this new track from Toby Grey and Kemuel.

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