Ten (10) Thrilling Moments in the Nigerian Music Industry So Far – A 2023 Recap

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You know how there is the term “one week, one trouble”? Picture the Nigerian music industry in another light, and let’s term it as “one month, one drama”. You thought the Nigerian music industry is all about good music and collaborations between our dearly beloved artists? Try again! 

We were barely settled into the year, before drama began streaming in left and right, erupting the entire Nigeria and we’ve arrived at a very solid conclusion — the Nigerian music industry is a drama sector in itself. Nollywood should consider camping its tent there, or perhaps, do a remake or satire of some certain dramas, because they simply should!

As Nigerians, the drama lies within us, and we are what we are. However hilarious the music industry has been since the start of the year 2023, there are certain occurrences so far into the year, that we cannot help but recap. Are they fun recap? Are they simply thrilling at its occurrence itself? See for yourself! 

  • Tiwa Savage’s ‘Family Members’ Criticizing Her Decision to Perform at the Royal Coronation 

It was earlier this year, when Tiwa Savage, was invited as a special artist to perform at the Royal coronation of the British King; and woke Nigerians decided it was in their power to criticize her decision to accept such honorary invitation. 

While some were enthusiastic about what such honor meant for the African Bad Gyal, some others were busy making yardsticks on how the singer lacked discipline, at accepting to perform, despite British artists refusing the same invitation. 

At the end of the day, Tiwa Savage performed, critics talked, and by the next day, the world moved on. Did this affect her career in any way? No. 

  • The Endless “Who’s Better Between Seyi Vibez and Asake” 

Were you really an ardent user of Twitter (now known as X) if you never witnessed the supremacy battle between Seyi Vibez and Asake?

At some point, it seemed like the internet was divided into two, namely the camp of Seyi Vibez, and the camp of Asake. 

The issue now is that, this was never resolved, and both artists are at this moment, doing grandly well for themselves. 

Nigerians just seem to have a passion for setting themselves up for stress, not the artists they’re fighting for, but themselves. 

  • Johnny Drille Married Ke? 

We’re guessing it was a fine day when pictures and videos popped up on the internet, revealing Johnny Drille’s marriage to Mavin Records A&R, Rima Tahini. As in, we literally woke up to discover our resident lover boy was indeed up with someone’s daughter, down to the point of saying ‘Yes, I do’. 

While the likes of us took it in good strides, expressing surprise albeit excitement at the news, some certain sect of Johnny Drille’s wives association swallowed the pill really hard. News is, till this moment, they’re trying to come to terms with the news. 

  • Davido and the Constant Baby Mama Palava 

Anywhere you see baby mama dramas, you’ll see the likes of 2baba and Davido falling out. Walk with me? Earlier this year, right after the drop of his Timeless album, and the announcement of his marriage to Chioma, was when Davido was dragged by the balls, by a certain, Anita. 

This lady, did not just come online to make allegations against the artist, but came with evidence too. The term “evidence choke” can be greatly used to describe how the young lady called out Davido. 

The entire streets of X (formerly known as Twitter) was chaotic, and had the entire 30BG fans recoiling in shame at the theatrics of their idolo

What was most thrilling about the filthy drags made by this Anita lady, was the silence from the camp of Davido and family; with the same Anita coming out to issue a public apology, before finally running back into the shell she once emerged from. 

One thing is sure, Davido is an expert at making underground moves. 

  • “Lonely At The Top” Singer Finds Love 

This is the most shocking occurrence in the year 2023. What do you mean Asake now has a babe, and is seemingly in love with this mysterious woman? We don’t know where she’s from, how she came about, or anything— all we know is we’re graced with cute loved-up videos of the popular singer and his woman, in very recent times. 

We just hope, that the artist doesn’t use his new found love as an excuse to not drop a single or an EP for his music lovers. It’s at that instant, that things will escalate. 

  • BNXN fka Buju Really Came From Nothing to Something 

BNXN will be singing about his struggles in his songs and you people will think he’s joking. Now that there’s proof that this guy went through a supposed lot, do you now understand why he croons about struggles? 

Trust Nigerians to dig up anything about a celebrity, existing and non-existing ones! BNXN’s old tweets were dug up recently and it shows an entirely different kind of BNXN— it shows the Daniel Benson, the lover of food, and an unashamed requester of food. 

From the tweets, it proves that the artist has a profound love for spaghetti, and will do anything for it. 

While we had a good laugh during this phase, just putting it out there as a reminder that “maybe you’ll like to watch how you tweet, you don’t know where wind will blow you tomorrow, look at BNXN” 

  • Shallipopi’s Music Saved My Life’ 

It’s how Shallipopi emerged like a thief at night and turned the music industry with his music. One lovely thing about the artist is how he knows the capability of his talent, and how far it can carry him. 

@big.show.up Replying to @dcnice25 #shallipopi #burnaboy #davido #wizkid #30bg #2million #dmw #pluto #xybca #viral #plutopresido #tiktok #foryou #trending #fypシ #fyp ♬ original sound – SHOW&lt_>UP 🏆

‘Shallipopi’s music saved my life’, the artist recounted as what a fan once said, expressing shock at such statement. Shallipopi just wants to give a good time, infuse nursery rhythm and make his cool music money. Any other thing such as music saving lives, he’s not a part of it, he didn’t sign up to be a musical hero, he signed up for the transactional exchange involved in music making. 

  • Wizkid and Davido, Friends Again? 

If you ever attempt to understand the dynamics of relationship between Nigeria’s biggest two, you’ll catch a headache. Best way to go about it, is to catch what they throw you, and go with it. 

Prior to Wizkid’s drop of his new EP, S2, Wizkid and Davido were seen at a club in Lagos, hugging it out and partying— this won’t be our first view of these two silly artists who think they can use our minds to play game. We know what they are, and we won’t be falling for their charade. 

Whatever it is they are doing, they should wrap it up and give us good clarity on what narrative to go with. Actual friends? Or friends based on circumstances? The bromance between both artists was endearing though, we’ll give them that. 

  • The Juiciness of TikTok Trenches Songs 

You can argue all you want, but TikTok trenches songs are by far, one of the best things to happen in this music industry— that of course, is if you choose to add the likes of GOE, DJ Chicken, Small Singer, to the enormous list of Nigerian singers. 

You hear these songs and you’re immediately gearing up to dance. It’s nothing dramatic, but it’s definitely evergreen. What’s more? It’s not stopping anytime soon! Cheers to an even more exciting 2024, courtesy of TikTok creative artists and the likes. 

  •   Odumodublvck and Dragging, 5&6 

Odumodublvck must be dragged on the internet for one thing or the other, particularly by the female gender on the X platform. The artist too, should try and appeal for once to them because there is the everlasting battle of how his lyrics are degrading, his controversial opinions as well as his effortless pride amidst all these dragging. 

If you’re not familiar with Odumodublvck through his music, particularly the “if she no f*ck o, if she no s*ck who go pay for her wig and handbag”, you’ll most definitely know the artist through the myriad of drags and insults hurled on him.

The annoying thing is how the artist couldn’t care less, and how the ladies never fail at calling him out, going as far as clamoring for a cancel on his artistry, which is hilarious, considering Nigerians have never excelled at cancelling a Nigerian artist. 

They never succeeded at it then, they couldn’t now. What can be done, is to tolerate the bluntness of Odumodublvck and allow him reign through his time, everyone’s happy at the end of the day. 

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