Tea with E.L – What You Should Know About the Ghanaian Artist

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Elom Adablah also known as E.L makes music that flows directly from his mind, his music is a reflection of “bits and pieces of who he is”, which he believes is enough to tell you all you need to know about him. His music is a way of expressing how he feels and conforming to these feelings, which has proven quite easy considering how much of a multi-genre individual he is. 

The first time I listened to E.L’s music, I leaned back to immerse myself into the strings of melodies that erupted from the track, the beautifully crafted song led me to explore more of his music and his B.A.R series heightened my love for his musicality even more. 

What kind of artist makes a blend of music and doesn’t limit himself to a genre, mixing and hopping from pop to rap, amongst others? It’s not every day you come across such a talented music maestro in the continent and revering E.L’s music piece needed to be done. 

It became a surreal reality to be in the same telecommunication space as the artiste, hearing him walk me through his music career, and his creative process and explain the reason for the pause behind his long-short hiatus in the game for a while. 

E.L’s contribution to the Ghanaian music space is largely evident, debuting in 2008 thereabout with his single, Chale. He is regarded as one of the leading contemporary acts in the music scene and though not an intentional act to get to this peak, the entire music process is one he has so embraced and opened himself up to.

I will say I have contributed a lot to shaping what we call the Ghanaian music scene. It’s been a rollercoaster, most of the time you don’t set out for things to turn out the way they do. Nobody sets out to intentionally make history. For me, it was just something that I enjoyed, I’ve just been so lucky to reach the point where I become a household name”, the artiste explained when I asked his views on seeing himself as one of those who contributed to the Ghanaian contemporary music scene, not just as a rapper but also as an artist in general. 

To be able to pull out six albums as a series with much implication attached to it, E.L’s B.A.R series is a heavy project that involves his dedication, his sweat and a deliberate effort to string together, beautiful rhythms and showcase his range as an artist. “It’s always been a passion project of mine”, he explains on his series album, revealing that it was a thing that somehow snowballed into something bigger, into some much more expanded follow-up projects. His B.A.R series highlights how he can be a blend of rapper, producer and singer whilst also hopping from one genre to the other, which he has defined as based on his “mood and environment”. 

The one thing to effectively notice is the strong message he intentionally ensures the opening track of every of his album carries, how he sends out a message and ensure that it bears a word or two for his listeners. The creative juice behind every of his project is how he flows with his state of mind, leaning heavily into his mood to create magic in the form of music. 

The intros he defined, are captivating and capture his past, present, and future as an artist. 

One would expect that after so much prestige the artist has garnered over the years, he’d not fall short of delivering music and constantly entertaining his music fans with music. However, after E.L. dropped Ayele in April 2022, the artist took to finding the missing piece he believed his music lacked. His concern for his music is particularly obvious and his intent on putting out good quality rather than just dropping music is much stronger than yielding to the pleas of his listeners. 

I’m a little bit more concerned with the music I put out and it affects me when I don’t get the outcome that I need to see. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to making sure that everything is in place”, the artist says regarding the quality of his music.

The exciting part of music is the making itself unlike putting out the music which the artist defined isn’t the fun part of the music. With his recent signing to ONErpm, E.L has assured new music and project(s) at large, unwrapping that his phase of ‘no music’ is over, welcoming in a new phase of himself, which is more vigour and refreshing. 

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