Spotlight Friday: General Pype is Back

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In terms of the dancehall sound, General Pype, one of Nigeria’s most prominent musicians, is back with his second song of the year, Mine Only. The artist and songwriter made a comeback this year with Blessed & Ready in the month of June after taking a break from releasing projects since Mash It Up in 2018.

Pype’s decision to identify with the dancehall sound exposes his talent and vocal skill to the world, and his capacity to blend aspects of other genres into his reggae-influenced singing style, such as hip-hop and R&B, traps his grove of feelings in each of his songs. The performer has demonstrated his ability to convey the strong and resilient aura that the reggae genre demands and infusing it in both his music and singing style.

With his series of massive singles, including ChampionAll The Loving featuring Burna Boy and Phyno, and Give It To Me, among others, the musician helped to spread the genre in Nigeria. With his melodic songs, he extended his tendrils beyond West Africa to the entire continent. Keep It Cool, his 2007 debut single, propelled him to the next level internationally when it was used in the American television program The Shield. In 2009, he released Champion, one of his many biggest singles. The song quickly rose to prominence as the perfect hymn for victories and revelry, especially in local sports. Champion was remixed by Dagrin, Vector, Naeto C, Sasha, and GT, and it also garnered many other remixes and covers that were uploaded via music streaming services.

General Pype said on Twitter that “General Pype is back… and can’t wait to show you what I have up my sleeves” prior to the release of Mine Only, which just recently dropped. With his two recently released tracks, he might be teasing us with a few things he has planned.

With soul-stirring lyrics and an upbeat melody, Pype’s song Mine Only features him gushing about a lover, proclaiming his love for her, and singing about how she only cares about him. The song combines his dancehall sound and afro-swing components. Through the artist’s perfect vocal and the Izybeats-produced melodic weave, which you can vibe to, the song conveys the message of romantic love.

General Pype has persisted in continuing to redefine the sound in line with his Nigerian heritage. He has continued to sing in the same way both before and after he stopped releasing records, changing with the times while holding onto the approach that led him to where he is now.

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