One-half of the Rooftop Mcs, Snatcha, Releases New Single “Make a way”

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Snatcha, the legendary Christian Hip-Hop artiste and one-half of the Rooftop Mcs, has released his latest single, “Make a way”, as the first track from his new project, “I just got back from a lot”.

This comes after a ten-year hiatus from the music scene, during which Snatcha focused on his family. However, after his wife’s illness and eventual passing, Snatcha was plunged into depression, but his faith in God brought him back to the music scene with a message of rejoicing and hope.

“Make a way” is a Hip-Hop track produced by Xblaze, and features Snatcha teaming up with Sokleva to bring back the iconic RooftopMcs vibe of dope rhymes and soul-hitting lyrics. The lead single sets the pace for what’s to come, with a new track to be released every month until the complete project is released in June.

Snatcha’s unique style of experimental Hip-Hop fuses alternative rock with Afro-fusion influences, and he has released one studio album titled “The value of Nothing”, a live album “Drunken Masters”, and multiple singles. As a multiple award-winning artiste, Snatcha has carved a niche for himself in the music industry, and “Make a way” is set to be another hit that will resonate with his fans and new listeners alike.

“Have you ever had dark days that you’re glad its night (Gladys Knight) took many wrong turns you don’t know what’s right? Well, I have, the mistakes came at a high cost and got me so confused like the last season of loss.”

Snatcha raps on “Make a way”, giving listeners a glimpse into his journey of faith and perseverance.

Snatcha’s return to the music scene with “Make a way” is a testament to his resilience and his commitment to using his music to inspire hope and joy in his listeners. Fans can expect more great music from Snatcha in the coming months, as he continues to share his story of triumph over adversity.

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