Smallgod Unveils Exhilarating Amapiano Anthem Featuring Global Artists, Paying Homage to Treasure Island Resort in ADA, Ghana

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Smallgod, the visionary Ghanaian artist and music producer, has brought together an extraordinary lineup of talent for his latest release, a sensational Amapiano track that transcends boundaries and celebrates the essence of African music. Titled Treasure Island, this electrifying collaboration features Monique Lawz from the UK, WES7AR 22 from Nigeria, and the legendary Joey B from Ghana. Paying homage to the magnificent Treasure Island resort in ADA, Ghana, the track immerses listeners in a soulful energy that is set to ignite dance floors around the world.

Smallgod, known for his innovative sound and ability to unite artists from diverse backgrounds, has curated a musical masterpiece that seamlessly blends infectious Amapiano rhythms with soulful melodies. With Monique Lawz’s captivating vocals from the UK, WES7AR 22’s unmistakable Afrobeat influence from Nigeria, and the lyrical prowess of Ghana’s own Joey B, Treasure Island is a vibrant celebration of African talent and unity.

This collaboration not only showcases the immense musical talent of Smallgod, Monique Lawz, WES7AR 22, and Joey B but also pays homage to the stunning Treasure Island resort in ADA, Ghana. The track captures the spirit and energy of this luxurious destination, as the artists draw inspiration from its breathtaking beauty and the vibrant scenes that make Ghana a coveted tourist destination.

The accompanying music video for Treasure Island was exclusively shot at the Treasure Island, providing a visual feast that takes viewers on a journey through the resort’s enchanting landscapes. From pristine beaches to lush tropical settings, the video showcases the undeniable allure of Ghana and serves as a stunning backdrop to the energetic club atmosphere that Amapiano music is known for.

Smallgod, the creative force behind this collaboration, expresses his enthusiasm for fusing music and visuals to showcase the wonders of Treasure Island. He comments, “The combination of Amapiano’s infectious energy and the beauty of Treasure Island provided the perfect synergy for this project. It was a joy to work with Monique Lawz, WES7AR 22, and Joey B, and together we’ve created a soulful club record that transports listeners to the heart of Ghana.”

Treasure Island is set to become a global club sensation, with its irresistible beats and soul-stirring melodies captivating audiences worldwide. Smallgod’s growing fan base, combined with the star power of Monique Lawz, WES7AR 22, and Joey B, ensures that this collaboration will leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

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