Simi Unveils Highly Anticipated Album “Lost and Found”

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Acclaimed Nigerian singer-songwriter Simi has released her latest album, “Lost and Found”, a 14-track masterpiece that showcases her remarkable vocal talent and artistic growth.

“Lost and Found” is a deeply personal project that explores themes of self-discovery, love, and women empowerment. Simi’s unique vocals shine throughout the album, blending seamlessly with featured artists such as Asa, Lojay, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, and Ladipoe.

The album has already generated significant buzz, with two released singles, “MEN ARE CRAZY” and “BORROW ME YOUR BABY (BMYB)“, which have been well received by lovers of Simi and have kept them anticipating the album even more than ever.

The album whisks listeners away on nostalgia, with standout tracks like “Woman To Woman”, a powerful ode to women empowerment, a theme close to Simi’s heart. In a creative move, Simi collaborates with Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey on “Jowo”, ingeniously sampling his classic hit. She also revives the 2020 viral sound with a fresh spin on “Know You II” (feat. Ladipoe). Meanwhile, her storytelling prowess, alongside Falz, on “Borrow Me Your Baby” is simply impeccable, making the album an absolute must-listen.

“Lost and Found” is a melodious and infectious collection of songs that every listener can relate to. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, there’s something here for everyone. Simi’s niche theme of love is evident throughout, but she also explores new sounds and styles, cementing her position as a leading artist in the Nigerian music industry.

This album is about me just reconnecting with joy, my passion for music.” says Simi. “I want to give people a sense of nostalgia which I hope comes through as they listen

“Lost and Found” is now available on all major music platforms. Listen, share, and experience the magic of Simi’s latest creation.

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