September; Drama Filled Month in the Nigerian Music Space

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It’s strange to believe that the only thing the Nigerian music sector has to offer is amazing music; when instead, it provides us with cruises that feature a variety of drama at regular intervals. It is usually one artist criticizing another or calling out a fellow artist. Thanks to Twitter tweeps, these dramas are delivered to our doorsteps, where we Nigerians are anxious to swallow their juicy gist, devour them, and possibly fuel them further.

So far in the year 2022, September wins the prize for the most dramatic month. We jogged from the Headies fracas and rolled into the pool of Davido allegedly having debts. We didn’t anticipate things to be this chaotic when Tems sang Crazy Tings.

Here is a recap of the drama from this September in case you missed it: 

Headies, really?

We all had high hopes for the Headies event because it was being held outside of the country. We believed it would be glamorous and a memorable award ceremony, but perhaps they should have held it in Nigeria instead because then we would have known it would be a typical tangle of mistakes and a typical Nigerian event show.

From the poor production to the red carpet host giving off the feel of an MC from an Ikorodu party to Headies’ decision to have a black American actor headline our show alongside Nollywood queen Osas Ighodaro, You believed it would end there. We had to put up with seeing a live catastrophe where Anthony Anderson would joke around and Osas would giggle hysterically. The team should have at least secured a respectable Nigerian personality to serve as the show’s host. We have a message for Headies, and it reads, “Never try such again.”

BNXN and Ruger’s ‘Saga’

It’s shocking that over the previous few months; BNXN and Ruger have been able to subtly poke fun at one another on social media, just for BNXN to dedicate Ruger with his next rating plaque at the 15th Headies. Imagine the surprise when we all assumed that these artists were at odds with one another and fighting needlessly about “who better pass who.”

We don’t really care who in actuality is better than the other, all we want is good music and not having to pick sides. 

New Month, New Drama from Portable

The street-hop artist Portable is a drama queen, which is something we don’t talk about enough. The musician has been able to go from one drama situation to another ever since he recorded Zazoo Zehh with Poco Lee and Olamide. This month won’t be any different; as he started bashing Goya Menor not long after the latter received the award for best street-hop performer of the year. We think that Portable’s assertion that Goya Menor’s Ameno Amapiano remix with Nektunez did not “blow reach” his song, Zazoo Zehh, was motivated by pain of not winning in that category.

In response to the criticism that Portable meted out on him, Goya delivered a classic gentleman’s retort by asking, “Who is comparing a Bsc holder who nearly made first-class with someone who can’t even locate his kg3 result?” So far, Portable has kept a quiet profile since everything happened and just recently released the track Azaman.

You Do Me, I Do You; Melvitto & Oxlade 

The incident must have severely affected Melvitto for him to publicly call out his colleague Oxlade on Twitter over a music video. Oxlade reportedly filmed a second music video for their popular song, Wait For You, without Melvitto’s consent. The producer and artist stated that he first found about it on Trace Premiere in a tone that said, “wetin even pain me pass.”

Melvitto chose to release their song, Folashade, without Oxlade’s consent as a way of returning the favor.  We never got to hear Oxlade’s side of the story, though, as it’s possible that he realized his wrongdoing and decided to accept the 50:50 dealings.

Burna Boy, a Man of Violence We Stan

The African giant’s tweet response that he would have “banged” Wizkid “in the face on sight just so his Twitter jokers realize I’m not Davido” raised eyebrows. We believe Burna Boy is unforgiving of friendships, and if you misbehave, he won’t think twice before beating you to a pulp. We all needed some time to process his response before we started distorting his words to mean whatever it is we want to.

We can draw two inferences from this: one, Burna Boy sometimes feels the heat from Twitter users under his arse, and second, he needs to calm down. He should put the gra gra he uses to respond to people into his music and choke us with more melodious tunes.

Nigerian Artists Fruitless Claim over Amapiano

When Wizkid released Bad To Me, a lot of things were going on at once. People rushed out of their shells to examine the song, critique its extensive use of amapiano and crowd vocals, and compare Asake to Wizkid, even though all Asake wants to do are drink whisky and release bangers. Amapiano became a trending subject just a few hours after the release of Bad To Me.

The conversation changed from Wizkid’s poor decision to use amapiano in his songs to the dispute over who in Nigeria used it first. We never came to a complete understanding of who did, but the day continued with everyone gathering stray bullets and the subject deviating once again. After all, amapiano isn’t us, and we truly need to unwind.

Machala Wannabes Fight over Ownership of Machala

First, before working on a song with another artist, always makes sure a contract has been written, and second, make sure you and your lawyer(s) thoroughly read it to prevent ending up in the same predicament as Berri Tiga and Carter Efe.

What happened? Comedian Carter Efe, who also poses as what he claims to be, an artist, released a song with Berri Tiga, titled Machala. Berri Tiga, who claimed to be the owner of the music, called out Carter Efe for taking ownership of the tune while stating that his cut was only 5%. The drama didn’t seem to be going anywhere, especially when Carter started recording live recordings and posting a cry for help that they both agreed to a plan which ended up with him making himself look bad as a result of a PR gimmick.

The conflict between Carter Efe and Berri changed at some point when Emeka Thee Stallion, also known as Blaqbonez, joined in. While Berri Tiga has a new song out, God, Carter Efe is getting ready to drop a new single with Ceeza Milli.

Dammy Krane’s Allegation against Davido

How brazen Dammy Krane is! To imply that Davido owes him money for a song he wrote for 001 and hasn’t paid him over the years. It’s difficult to believe because Davido has long been regarded as one of the famous people with large hearts who keep their word in the Nigerian music industry. Given that Davido and his team have refused to respond, we are unsure of the story’s veracity.

The month is over, and boy will you remember it; see you in October!

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