Reenacting the Supremacy in Barry Jhay’s Music — A Mixture of Intensity and Groove

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There’s basically no two-way in attempting to understand Barry Jhay’s music. It’s as though the artist doesn’t partake in stress and allows his music to circle around certain narratives — such as the sphere of life and on the walls of love. And throughout his musical career, he hasn’t failed to deliver exceptionally.

Barry Jhay’s music is one thing — impeccably cultural. In as much as one wants to argue the dominance of his music, those who love his music understand his stance on the depiction of culture. A certain majestic, renaissance, and upbeat kind of sound, which is, to be frank, alluring.

It was when Barry Jhay came into the music scene with a bounce as ‘Aiye’ that everyone paid full attention to the protege of a music icon himself, the late Barrister— Barry Jhay might have not become such an iconic name as his father, but he has been able to carve his own path outside the shadows of the legacy laid by the Fuji enigma.

You listen to the artist’s music and you understand that an apple indeed doesn’t fall far from the tree. The profound use of Yoruba, the intoxication of heavy instruments scream luxury of culture in Barry Jhay’s music, and then there is the comprehension of what an intelligent artist Barry is.

Real ones know the intensity of Barry Jhay’s music, an understanding of the Yoruba language and you capture what Barry Jhay’s music stands for — you capture the essence of his existence in his music, the life he gives into his music that talks on life itself, or the core depth of love songs he makes. At the helm of love songs in the Nigerian music industry, Barry Jhay’s music should stay strong there; but first, understand what he’s trying to convey.

There’s a certain message conveyed in every Barry Jhay’s music, his penmanship and intentionality with every song he makes is why this writer will reckon him as an artist who though should be acknowledged for his skills, is still worth his onions. There is no such thing as mindless lyricism with Barry Jhay’s music, even when his song promises such a good time, you’re still captivated by how he speaks the truth in his lyrics, either on life, or his affection for his imaginary lover.

Basically, every music lover fell in love with ‘Aiye’ on the first drop, and failure to be compatible with the song was most likely stemmed out of non-comprehension of the Yoruba language. It was a running streak for Barry Jhay at this time, who followed through with such amazing projects, such as the drop of his album, Barry Back and Son Of God, both of which contain mind-blowing songs.

Barry Jhay creates a fine balance between love and life, which in fact, is a good move for an artist with the right intentionality in music. Such as how in Son Of God, he drops songs such as Whine My God? And Right By You featuring Kuame Eugene; such that while you reflect on the intensity of what Whine My God? speaks, you’re entranced into a world of love and intimacy in the next. We reckon a strategic musical artist.

It is only saddening that when the name Barry Jhay is mentioned, a host of people attribute his music to intense motivational speeches when in actuality, he’s an absolute genius at carving the right love songs. If you ever think or doubt this, listen to “Only You” featuring Davido. It can be worth noting that what he achieved on this song with Davido can only be replicable by Barry Jhay himself and no other artist. With Barry Jhay, you’re assured of a good time with his music, either he motivates you or serenades your ears with romantic-poetic renditions.

Johnny Drille can replicate Ric Hassani’s singing style, Ric Hassani can do similar to what Nonso Amadi can do, but can they all make music like Barry Jhay? This writer should guess not! But here’s the thing, give Barry Jhay a chance, and he’ll replicate what these artists do.

While it is disheartening that not everyone is plugged into the Barry wonder, it is equally soothing how the artist has regardless, stayed in his lane, and put out music for those keen on his musical career. When speaking of an unproblematic music genius, Barry Jhay takes the front seat.

It’s been over a month since the release of his recent EP, Party Boy Barry, and a thorough rinse of the EP still shows what Barry Jhay is all about— same life and love, even after his last official release being in 2021. Unlike his usual ways, he decidedly takes a route to ensure a good time and still infuse a little romance in the EP.

One enjoyable aspect of Party Boy Barry is the intense use of culture and employment of amapiano. Barry Jhay simply made this EP as a release of groove, everything enjoyment and an astonishing reminder of his talent. What can this artist not do?

He merges a series of rhythm and melody in Party Boy Barry, from infusing the aggressive Seyi Vibez energy in “Ejebleje” to sounding like his very typical self in “Explain Tire” and “Kogbede.”

“Kogbede” as a romantic song is a reason why this writer still maintains that Barry Jhay is a master at curating the perfect love song; and this time, he sways you away with the lyrical profundity as well as an eternal dance groove.

Barry Jhay might not be everyone’s top favorite artist, but he’s an artist dearly beloved by those who appreciate the gift of his music. Whatever he’s doing, there is the hope he never loses the light and keeps making music that is profound, intense as well as groovy because Barry Jhay is a supplier of a good time through his music.

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