RAIN IN APRIL Make Debut With “Free Me”

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A debut with a bold statement “Gbemi Trabaye, ejor ma fimisile”. The duo comprises of 2 youngings from the southside Toby Rein and April Ridimm, the manifestation into RAIN IN APRIL has begun!

RAIN IN APRIL was born out of recording camps organized by the duo in the oil rich city of Portharcourt during the beginning of raining season in April,2021.

With TOBY REIN’s hard hitting raps and APRIL RIDIMM’s soulful R&B vocals blending together perfectly, fusing Afro-Pop, Afro-Beats, Hip-Hop and R&B altogether to create their unique and captivating sound.

FREE ME by RAIN IN APRIL features a simple yet effective instrumental and lyrical arrangement. The track is driven by a prominent Afro-Beat drum pattern with shakers that are groovy, punchy and most importantly bouncy which provides a solid foundation for the rest of the elements. The main melodic element is a repeating dark synth riff that is played in most parts of the song, providing a catchy hook that is easy to sing along to. The piano is also accompanied by a subtle synth pad that adds a touch of dark trippy feeling to the track. In addition to these core elements, there are occasional flourishes of other instruments, such as a bell section that appears briefly before the chorus, adding a touch of grandeur to the song. The bassline is deep and groovy, giving the song a sense of weight and movement.

Listen to their new single in anticipation of their upcoming EP

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