Discover the Stand-Out Songs in PsychoYP’s Third Studio Album, “YPSZN3”

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An enigma of the current generation of rappers who are distilled in the drill rap game is PsychoYP, an Abuja-born rapper. The rapper made his professional debut with Lost In The Sauce in 2016 and has since developed from a hidden talent to one of Nigeria’s most sought-after rappers in the rap culture of the music industry.

His previous two studio albums, YPSZN in 2018 and YPSZN2 in 2019, preceded the recent release of his third project, YPSZN3. PsychoYP has released his third rap album in as many years, and the year 2022 is almost over.

His bar flows are well demonstrated in YPSZN3, which also highlights his sing-rap rhyme pattern. While the artist’s album doesn’t have a clearly defined theme, he touches on a number of significant topics, including the poor state of the nation, his thankfulness for life, and relationships (which don’t require getting swept up in a sea of love). 

Here are a few of the album’s best songs:


The album begins with Intro, a straightforward instrumental run-through with keyboards and a quick, slow-rising tempo that seamlessly merges into Sinner. PsychoYP makes his songs entertaining and lessens the aggression of the hard percussion and thuds, despite the fact that his primary vocal technique is to spit hot lines and keep up with the pace. In his song Sinner, he raps about how much he does certain things and how he believes this has shaped him. He says things like, “Sin too much, and I think I’m a sinner/ Win too much, and I feel like a winner/ Lose too much, and I think imma fail,” and how he would still move forward despite feeling stuck.

Bando Diaries feat. Odumodublvck

The dark melodies of Odumodublvck and the lyrical flows of PsychoYP may be heard in this drill song. Both rappers are swinging through on the heavy beats; PsychoYP is more understated on the beat while Odumodublvck assumes the role of the belligerent shogun.

My Country People, Haffa? feat. Jeriq. & Reeplay 

This song is just as alluring as I see, I saw. It follows the rhymes with a dash of beat dexterity; PsychoYP keeps up his spotless rap memo, while the featured artists, Jeriq & Reeplay, drop hot Igbo-language verses. The song paints a picture of life in Nigeria: earning money and losing it almost as soon as you do, handing political authority to those who aren’t deserving of it, the lack of security, and the necessity to “japa.”

Nigerian Man feat. Ycee 

What makes this song catchy is how the instruments are played. You hardly notice Ycee missing a beat and in  this single by PsychoYP, Ycee delivers. The focus of the song is about women, their subversive nature, and the verses’ deft wordplay and bar-play by both rappers.

Commitment Issues

In this song, PsychoYP raps about having a side chic while simultaneously yearning for his main chic, and his sincerity and transparency make it wonderful. “I might wake up with a bad b and tell my main I miss her” he says. While discussing his commitment problems, he also raps on the slippery beats about  a woman who has commitment issues while serving guys what I would like to refer to as premium breakfast.

Scandalous feat. Barry Jhay 

Barry Jhay’s voice on Scandalous sounds completely different, which is thrilling. His collaboration with PsychoYP creates a thunderous symphony as their flows merge. Each time you listen to the song, the melody sounds different, giving you as a listener a unique viewpoint. 

With PsychoYP’s third album, YPSZN3 may have completed a perfect trifecta. Even though some of the album’s 15 songs may hit harder than others, every song is a smash, and there should be no skips.

Listen to the full album below

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