‘Osapa London’ EP: Psycho YP Dazzles With Versatile Soundscapes And Masterful Artistry

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Since his debut EP, “Lost in The Sauce,” Nigerian rapper Psycho YP has earned the moniker “The Fresh Prince of Nigerian Rap.” With his latest release, “Osapa London,” he not only demonstrates artistic growth but also maintains his signature sound.

“Osapa London” EP boasts an impressive lineup of guest artists, including Ajebo Hustlers, PrettyBoy DO, Khaid, Wax Bentayga, Teni, and Ice Prince. These collaborative efforts infuse Psycho YP’s musical arsenal with a refreshing dynamism, expanding his sonic range and enhancing the project’s commercial appeal.

“Osapa London” EP, recorded in the vibrant city of Osapa London, Lagos presents a captivating fusion of fresh rap and chopped pop vibes, creating an irresistible allure that reflects the essence of Lagos. The EP’s remarkable sonic compositions and concise format exemplify Psycho YP’s lyrical prowess and artistic evolution, solidifying his position as one of Nigeria’s foremost rap artists.

While retaining members from the Apex Village, such as Laime and Odumodu Blvck, Psycho YP continues to sharpen his pen game and push the boundaries of Nigerian rap.


1.This Country (Produced by Jordan Knows)

2.Do What I Like Ft. Khaid & Pretty Boy D-O (Produced by BTG)

3.Not My Fault ft. Ajebo Hustlers (Produced by Thrill Max & Ramoni)

4.Settle Us Ft. Odumodu Blvck (Produced by Thrill Max, Psalmist & Jaylon)

5.Stand Attention Ft. King Perryy (Produced by Likkle Dotz)

6.Bad B Ft. Teni (Produced by Jaylon)

7.Most Times (Produced by Thrill Max)

8.AnyGadDamnTime ft. Laime (Produced by Princeton)

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