“Peter & Paul Dem Be One No Be Two”, The Return Of The Iconic Duo

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Peter and Paul Okoye, popularly known as Psquare certainly gather more strength together as one than separated. The buzz around their reunion late last year and the thrill for their new music after a long time could be passed as greater than the buzz of their individual songs release. 

After the breakup of the music duo sometimes back in 2016 – 2017, after what seemed like a forever period, an impossible feat and clamor for them to be back again, the iconic twins are finally back together and with a song pack, Jaiye (Ihe Neme) and Find Somebody.

The two songs are reflections of their individual music paths if you’ve been a follower of their music, despite the break up. Segregated under two different genres, the songs are testaments of the magic in their voices, the beauty in their joint and good delivery in their music.

Jaiye is a dance-pop/amapiano track. As the name implies, the track is a basic enjoyment tune and could do more in parties than relaxing scenes. The crowd vocals, the melodies, the overall electrifying vibes in the song has a crack that lets you know Psquare haven’t lost their touch with giving you a song that’s stuck in your head, body and mouth. Either you want to or not, you would find yourself humming a lyric or tapping your feet to the beat. Accompanying Jaiye is a clean and well shot music video, directed by the sensational music director, TG Omori.

As a way of cooling off, Find somebody is perfect. One thing about Psquare is their ability to deliver the best when they deliver. They are either over the top with their music or none at all, which is sequel to not putting music out; like Beautiful Onyinye, No One Be Like You, the track is love themed with great prospects for romance and all of those mushy stuff. 

While Find Somebody sounds more like Paul from his songs over the years after their breakup, Jaiye sound more like Peter, the talented dancer/singer. I think their individual music journeys have been able to help us distinguish their personalities not only from what we see but in the way their music goes. Peter songs are upbeat and energetic and Paul’s are calm, emotional and mostly lovey-dovey.

Their new music is proof of their doggedness, firm bearing and capacity to produce music despite falling off the rail as duo singers. “Peter and Paul dem be one no be two” are back, stronger than ever, bigger and better, hopefully. 

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